Xerces Symbol
Xerces Mifrit

Xerces Mifrit by Aly

Xerces Talksprite

Xerces Derse

Xerces God Tier Wings

Xerces God Tier

"!t'? what'? on the the out?!de tha' count? anyway?."


Herpes The Great (Gifrux Entota), xer (Omrido Alkias), Girl with sickle horns (Maple Nederhoff)


Seer of Rage


15 earth years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces s with ? and i with !, otherwise perfect grammar. Omits all T’s at the end of a word with ‘ in the word that & in all contractions and omits all commas.



Strife Specibi

laserkind, sicklekind, duckkind

Fetch Modus

Sound (half pink, half white)

Fetch Modus

Each card has a specific sound assigned to it. Once this sound has been made, the card will be dispensed


Alluna Mifrit (ancestor/guardian)






Loud noises.


(coming soon!)

Xerces Mifrit, known by her QMBS handle as speculumAcapella, is an indigo-blooded troll living on Earth-C, 50 years after the credits. She is part of a fan session along with Omrido Alkias, Gifrux Entota, and Maple Nederhoff.

Biography Edit

Personality Edit

Despite her self-proclaimed beauty, she’s a bit of a jerk. And by jerk, I mean she just won’t give up until she gets her way. She just. Won’t.

Extras Edit

Fetch Modus Quotes Edit

“You try to grab the MICROPHONE. You sing a tune, however you mess up on the last note. The PAPER MICROPHONE Omrido gave you appears in your hand instead. Ugh.”

“You sneeze, because that's what normal people do. A water bucket appears to be falling on your head. Some of the assigned sounds can be very pesky.”

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first troll Chapsteck4yurlipis has created!
  • The name Xerces comes from the king Xerxes, referencing how Xerces "th!nks ?he'? REALLY !mportant."

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