Kialah copy


Kialah Olaria



Blood Caste/Text:

Violet (#9D65BF)

Typing Quirk:

Prefaces and ends each sentence with ---( and )< respectively, substitutes 3 for b and $ for s. No capitalization or punctuation.


Pottery Wheel-

Kialah stores her items on a spinning potter's wheel, and she must grab the item she desires from the potter's wheel, while it is spinning.

Strife Specibus:



Native American symbol for the Sun, specifically the Zia tribe


7 Solar Sweeps

> Enter NameEdit

Your name is Kialah Olaria.

You have a variety of INTERESTS, of which the most notable being POTTERY, the mythology of the MYSTICAL HORNED LAND BLUBBERFISH, and this human game where you CRAFT MINES and build things using BLOCKS.

Your HIVE is conventiently located near a large deposit of ALTERNIAN CLAY, providing you a healthy amount of resources to work with. NOTHING you create however is worthwhile, not including that fact that you live UNDERWATER preventing anything you create from holding up. This doesn't stop you, however, because if you were on land, your pottery would be the BEST.

Your lusus, being a MYSTICAL HORNED BLUBBERFISH, piques your curiousity of the land beasts, and you swear that the land equivalent EXISTS. IT HAS TO. You own everything from PLUSHIES to POSTERS, even silly human ARCADE GAMES featuring the mythological creature bounding upon the landscape in a metallic shell.

This CRAFT MINE game takes up the rest of your free time when you aren't chatting with your friends and the like. You suppose it's another form to expand your CREATIVE OUTLET in the world of pottery, often creating massive examples of the stuff you would create if you were a land dweller. EVERYONE should be jealous, but you are way too nice and friendly to care.

Your trolltag is spiralineBisque and you speak in a ---($peak in a fanta$tical and 3eautiful fa$hion full of my$ticalne$$ and 3utterflie$)<

> Examine RoomEdit

---(my room i$ $ooo pretty)<

> Allocate Strife SpecibusEdit

---(my lu$u$ and i match hehehe)<

> Examine Fetch ModusEdit

--(thi$ thing make$ me $o dizzy and di$com3o3ulated $ometime$)<

> Examine AbilitiesEdit

---(like $uperpower$ hehe)<

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