Tacere Timora

Tacere timora 2

Regular tacere 2

Derse tacere

God tier tacere


Bard of Doom


7 Alternian solar sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces I's, S's, & A's with 1's, 2's, & 4's. Uses lowercase letters.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Lava and Bone

Be the Creepy Apathetic TrollEdit

Your name is Tacere Timora. You LOVE ninjas. Well, not love, but you enjoy being stealthy. You have several friends, but you avoid eachother a lot. You are extremely anti-social & are kind of creepy & mysterious. You have some sort nasty green blood, but you don't care. You care about nothing whatsoever. If someone tried to kill you, you wouldn't care, mainly because you wouldn't die. You seem to have incredible luck for some reason. You have cheated death too many times to know this. You seem to bring destruction wherever you are. You guess that's kind of sad, but who cares? Not you. You have realized that you have no emotions really. You try faking it, but you think there's some sort of mental block on your brain that holds back all emotion. But you have learned to live like this. You think your dead, even though your not. But it's fun to pretend, & to pretend having fun.

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