Ectasa Memrus

Ectasa Memrus


ii'vee seeen moore baad meemooriiees thaan aa noormaal miind caan haandlee


Thief of Mind

Screen Name


Typing Style

all lowercase, doubles every vowel, no punctuation

Strife Specibi



==> Be the scarred redblood.

Your name is ECTASA MEMRUS. You are a REDBLOOD with a rather CURIOUS ability. You can READ the MEMORIES of any TROLL within about 10 FEET of you simply by looking at them, and you somehow ERASE that memory as well. It gets STUCK WITH YOU, so to speak. For whatever reason, you always see the HORRIBLE ones. You have been MENTALLY SCARRED by some of them. You have also been PHYSICALLY SCARRED- you lost an EYE a long time ago, and wear BANDAGES over it. Sadly, you do not REMEMBER what was the CAUSE of this.

Your trolltag is stolenMemory and yoouu teend too draaw oouut yoouur woords wiith noo reeaal eendiing


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