Earnar Derzet

Earnar Derzet

Earnar Derzet glassless

][@}∑ Yᴓu knᴓw the drill ♦◊


Seer of Blood

Screen Name

subterraneanFiction (#0042A4)

Typing Style

Starts with ][@}∑ resembling his arm-drill weapon, replaces o with ᴓ, ends with ♦◊ mimicking jewels

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



The Reclused, Future self

Lionis Derzet, Descendant

Lives in

Alvanax (Former), Lovania


Jewels, Ores, Digging, Drills


Sunlight, Lava, Coal

> Be the troll that will PIERCE THE HEAVENS! Edit

No. You've heard this joke precisely four-hundred and fourteen times as of now. You still don't know where it came from and you think it's pretty stupid since you never leave the UNDERGROUND. Anyway, you won't pierce the heavens.

> Fine, be the Subterranean trollEdit

You are now EARNAR DERZET.

You are a troll of the cerulean kind, and gog do you hate your KIND. Wait no, you don't hate your kind, you just hate IRRESPONSIBLE ones. Problem is, a vast majority of the trolls on ALVANAX actually are irresponsible bucket heads, and because of that you decided to retreat UNDERGROUND, ALONE, to find some SHINY LOOTS.

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