Winteria Tralrast



Typing Quirk:

Trails off at the ends of sentences... Uses the smiley x:-) to represent her horns...


A whale.

Fetch Modus:

Algebra Modus.

Strife Specibus:



Cobalt. #005682


Polytheistic (Actual name Purple Bard)



SGRUB Session


Witch of Mind


Land of Grains and Cacti (LOGAC)




Homeless Drifter/Hardworking Driver


Whale lusus blood, Theistic

Server player:

Camean Jinfax (invisibleTerrarium)

Client player:

Attilia Typhonik (unstableEnforcement)

Be the one with serious issues. Edit

Your name is WINTERIA TRALRAST, and you will freely admit that you do in fact HAVE ISSUES. You are a SEADWELLER BIRDTROLL, and have an irrational FEAR OF LEAVING THE WATER. You believe that you will DROWN IN THE AIR if you leave the water. Of course it's nonsense, you just ARE WEIRD. But you have an even bigger problem. Every once in a while, your ALTERNATE PERSONALITY takes you over. Her name is THEISTIC. She is horrible and evil. But more on that later. Your blood is worryingly low for a seadweller such as yourself. Your trolltag is subtleArithmetic, and you always trail off at the ends of your sentences...

Examine room. Edit

Your room is extremely messy, thanks to Theistic's shenanigans in here. The walls are covered in blood, and half of your books have been torn in half. The few ones you have you hide every night before you go to bed, as that is usually when Theistic takes you over.

Set Fetch Modus. Edit

You use the Algebra Modus. You have to solve an algebraic equation to withdraw an item. Easy, for someone as intelligent as you.

Allocate Strife Specibus. Edit

You use the 2XBLADEKIND. Wielding two swords at once makes you feel very empowered. When you examined your Strife Portfolio, you found that Theistic had apparently allocated SHURIKENKIND while you were asleep.

Do something awesome. Edit

You swim out the window and do several underwater flips and twists. Yeah, you're the best at that.

Do something ridiculous. Edit

You take some of the blood from the wall on your finger. Surely one little lick couldn't hurt...


Examine self. Edit

Your hair is long. Like, really long. Like goes down to the middle of your back long. Your shirt shows an insignia of a whale, which you took to wearing after Theistic killed your whale-lusus. The one thing you dislike about yourself is that your eyes are quite large. Your horns cross over each other. A strong magnetic force is in the middle of them.

Examine abilities. Edit


You are a seadweller birdtroll and therefore completely all-terrain. A strong magnetic field builds up between your horns.


You are literally perfect. It is psychically impossible to do anything wrong. This is a big problem as well as an asset, as Theistic is also perfect.

Examine ChumpRoll Edit

Friends...! x:-D

invisibleTerrarium So nice...!

exiledTomato He lost his memory... x:-(

triumphantMechanism He's cute...

negativeOptimist She bums me out sometimes...

unstableEnforcement .........Mister

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