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Sylph of Blood


~15 earth years (7 Sweeps)

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Land of Blades and Ruins


Your name is KEIA MAKURRO, and you have a blob of THREE other HUMAN FRIENDS and TWELVE TROLL ones. Yes, trolls. Ever since Caliborn the cherub (aka Lord English) was tossed out of all paradox space, there's been an intermingling of the two species, a sharing of cultures. Friendships. And, of course, many clashes between the two races. But that's not important. What IS important is the fact you and your friends have each pre-ordered a copy of a game long in development, SGRUBURBZ OMEGA, and it is going to be released in a matter of days. [Sound familiar? Ha, perish the thought. No one—except maybe Krista—cares very much about the finer details of the bispecies culture's history. You know, like the involvement of one “Sburb” and one “Sgrub” in the most important events of your culture's history. Only silly details, stupid Krista. Why on Beyondem would you care?] You know your friends are wrong to ignore history. But S-burb/-grub served a huge purpose, right? It creates entire universes... at the expense of the already existing ones.


You hope that they're right, because if it meets the hype about it, Sgruburbz will be an awesome challenge. Even though it's release isn't scheduled for another two days, you don't mind. You can wait. In the meantime, you.... Your trollutag is subzeroFlames, and you are quite the mystery.

What will you do?

==> ?????

Fetch ModusEdit

This modus essentially takes everything Keia puts in and mixes it into a pile of "prizes" inside a grabber arm game machine. In order to retrieve items, she needs to successfully retrieve it just the actual grabber arm games.

Strife SpecibusEdit

Keia enjoys fencing and usually allocates her fencing foil(s) to her strife specibus.

Dream SelfEdit

Hey, just because she's dark and mysterious doesn't mean she's a Derse Dreamer. Prospit Dreamers can be mildly ominous too.


Slightly elusive but mostly friendly to those she decides to befriend.


Has an eerie resemblance to this troll girl.