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Basic InformationEdit

Toraum Zwilig



Toraum New Talksprite











If you think about it, we all change eventually. I wasn't expecting to go blind and be missing an arm, but it happened.


The Doctor, Doc, Toto


Heir of Space


9 Alternian Solar Sweeps (19 Human Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Toraum: Replaces O with 0, i with 1, S with 2. The Doctor: Uses perfect grammar and syntax.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Burn, Formerly Deck of Cards


The Novelist/Arsonist (Ancestor) Krakau Zwilig (Dancestor) Lodove Planci (Wife) Candri Piscin (Pale Crush)


Land of Light and Fire


History, Electro Swing


Toraum Zwilig, KBE, later known as The Doctor, is a male teal blooded troll. He is an Heir of Space. His associated zodiac sign is Gemini.

The first part of his handle, suicidal, is referring to the fact his Accident was viewed as a "Suicide Attempt" by his Moirail, Candri Piscin. And the second part of his handle, arsonist, is a reference to his love for fire and the accident that cost him his right arm and eyesight.

Toraum has what is considered by humans to be called "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder". If he sees anything lit on fire of remotely burning, his heart beats very fast and he goes into a state of shock.


Toraum is a combination of two german words. "Tot" meaning dead, referencing his personality. and "Raum" meaning Space, referencing his god tier. "Zwilig" was shortened from Zwillinge, meaning Twins in german.


> Be that one blind blue guy.

Your name is TORAUM ZWILIG.

You like to play with CARDS, suprisingly you can actually do some pretty amazing tricks. Your favorite card is the ACE OF SPADES.

You used to study your ANCESTOR, how he was first a well known NOVELIST, but then he went mad and became known as the ARSONIST. You tried to copy one of his habits of lighting candles in his hive so he could still see in the dark, but you ended up dropping one and set your entire house ablaze. You lost your RIGHT ARM and EYESIGHT that day, but luckily your moirail found you at the right time and possibly saved you from certain death.

Your trolltag is suicidalArsonist and you tend t0 2peak 1n a manner that 1s referenc1ng the c0d1ng 0f a c0mputer.

New HiveEdit

Toraum accidentally set his house ablaze, burning it to the ground in the process. While trying to find some sort of shelter, One of his Highblooded friends, Kriaya Argeli, made sure he had a residence to call his own. She had a penthouse built on one of the tallest skyscrapers in Alternia so he could get a perfect view of the city while hosting visitors.


Toraum getting some fresh air and a cigarette after a long day slaving over a computer.


After his session, Toraum stumbled into the world of Robotopia. There he helped locals by offering the residents services that the government couldn't give. He built people houses, helped the government with its budget and made sure the city was happy.

Arrest and DeathEdit

Toraum was arrested when a resident came forth claiming that he had set their house on fire and ran away with their own son. Toraum was found guilty of Arson and Child Abduction and sentenced to death.

While in Prison, Toraum wrote a letter to Lodove explaining what had happened.

A few hours later, Toraum uttered his last words before he was beheaded.

"I don't want to go!"


After his death, the truth was revealed about the situation and he was to be pardoned. But by the time news got out of him being acquitted, he was already dead. A wreath was laid upon his Tomb and his body was exhumed for a final viewing.


Toraum's Memories were stored on a hard drive and a robot was built to resemble his appearance. After a few days of testing, The Doctor was born.

Aaaaaaaaaaaac caaoomm

The Doctor charging up for a new day.


Upon being reborn as the Doctor, Toraum had learned quite quickly that the love of his life, Lodove Planci, had passed away from a Broken Heart.

The Doctor had a robot built for her, where her soul could reside.

He was willing to give his entire fortune just to bring Lodove back.

After 13 Hours, Lodove was brought back to the world of the living.


Lodove PlanciEdit

Toraum loves Lodove with all his heart, and will even resort to bankruptcy if it helps make Lodove happy.

Loctor argument

True love sometimes means being able to deal with pain for your lover.

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