Casina Rubare




Ch-ch-chances are, I've already done it! :B


Rogue of Mind

Screen Name


Typing Style

Ch-ch-chitters like a squirrel, uses :B


Maple leaf

Strife Specibi



Squirrelmom (Lusus)

Calysa Omicra (Moirail)

Your name is CASINA RUBARE, and boy, are you just as EXCITED as ever.

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You are CASINA RUBARE, DAREDEVIL EXTRAORDINAIRE. You are MIDBLOODED, but that doesn't really matter out here in the WILD. No one can really reach you out here.

You live in a HOLLOW IN A TALL MAPLE, where you plan DARING STUNTS and hide PECULIAR ODDITIES. The forest that contains your tree is encapsulated in your TERRITORY, and you mercilessly attack ALL WHO ENTER. Not really, you just bug the shit out of them until they leave.

You enjoy JUMPING FROM GREAT HEIGHTS, FINDING LOST ITEMS, and ANNOYING TOURISTS. All of these things EXCITE YOU TO NO END. They're just so much fun! You also love BURNING THINGS, but that's one of your DARKER DESIRES, coupled with your ROMANTIC DESIRES.

Speaking of romance, you have a SURLY MOIRAIL, who you are undeniably PITYING. You're too naive to see her TOYING WITH YOUR EMOTIONS, but that only makes you try harder to OBTAIN HER.

At times, you do some CONTROLLED BURNING in the forest with your trusty LIGHTERKIND. Your FLYING SQUIRREL LUSUS does not approve, but you don't care. Fire is fun!!!!

Your trolltag is surreptitiousSoaring and you are ch-ch-chipper and ch-ch-cheery ALL THE TIME!!! :B.


Casina is easily excitable, and gets overly enthusiastic over every little thing, to the point where she exhausts herself from being excited. This excitement can translate to anxiety at times of high stress. She lives off of constant adrenaline rushes from jumping around the forest.

She is, however, not totally caring. She'll resort to violence to protect her territory, and at times could care less about her friends, seeing their problems as trivial and meaningless. She isn't hated for this, however.

Casina fails pretty utterly at social interaction. Spending her life in a forest with only a husktop for technology, she doesn't gain much social etiquette, and often says and does the wrong things in person. Her 'dark romantic desires' refer to how she is flushed for her moirail.

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