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”what precisely is the approved way to pronounce how offensively dire you are at this__/”


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Speaks with a bitter tone and a sharp tongue. Despite being a writer, Minnow never uses punctuation or capitalizes her words [unless to shout] At the end of every message, she will type __/ which is meant to look like a pencil writing a line. Minnow has a tendency to use larger or more complicated words in her sentences, although occasionally it will feel as though she were talking with a thesaurus since sometimes her sentence structures do not make complete structural or grammatical sense.



Minnow Sevets Hero Mode


Minnow is generally mean, impatient and to herself. She has passions although she never likes to make them apparent, preferring to appear somber as opposed to excited or interested. Minnow tends to stay out of things as often as possible unless she is warmed up to something. She tries to go without too much interaction from others if she doesn’t have anything interesting to do/say with them or anything of importance to discuss. She is extremely proud/headstrong and never asks anyone for aid or assistance even if she might require it. However, She is willing to help anyone else, provided there is a good reason for needing her assistance. And surprisingly, she is very good at consoling others if she has to. If someone manages to peak her interest or get her going, she can be quite talkative or cooperative. While Minnow is usually very thoughtful, calm and pensive, she can get very frustrated, angry and impatient over certain things if provoked.

Fetch ModusEdit

Minnow has Orange Sylladex Cards and uses the LEXICON Fetch Modus. Each item captchalogued is entered into a sort of book and has to be retrieved with a particular keyword in mind. Minnow seldom captchalogues anything other than her writing journals or important objects and merely picks up everything else. She is purposefully untidy but very forgetful as to where she puts things as well.

Strife SpecibusEdit

Minnow wields the DAGGERKIND Strife Specibus. She holds a dual-bladed Katar Dagger in either hand. Minnow uses these daggers in close combat to slice or jab at the enemy. In a desperate situation, Minnow will throw her Daggers at her enemy and hope to impale them or damage them in some way.  At times, Minnow will become infatuated with her battles if they carry on long enough to peak interest and suddenly gain interest in disposing of her enemy in as violent of a way as possible.


Minnow's Lusus is a little bat named Batibuse that likes to fly around and hang onto objects in Minnow’s

Young Minnow

Young Minnow

respiteblock. Minnow doesn’t much fancy her as she finds the creature far too timid and fearful for her own good. Minnow is very impatient with her most times, but she does take care of her and try her best to keep the creature happy. She’s even finds her company welcoming when she isn’t being so worrysome. Batibuse is very sensitive, meek and frail but very high spirited, kind, and usually cheerful- that is unless Minnow becomes frustrated over something and does something drastic, in which she hides in her corner and tries to console her from afar. Even though Batibuse is a small creature, she is still a very good mentor and has managed to raise Minnow and put up with her moods. The creature hates to see the young troll in such a manner, but she always knows that Minnow will have to calm down sometime. Batibuse is also very paranoid for Minnow’s safety, much to the young troll’s annoyance. Minnow always tells Batibuse not to worry about these things but of course, her Lusus is too much of a worrywart not to. There will even be times where she has mini panic attacks and Minnow will have to reassure/help her.


Minnow has a grey hive with a curved and horned roof nestled beside a large Active volcano, which she can see out of her lone window. This would be nice, but the thing is the volcano is active and can pretty much explode at anytime, and Minnow's hive is at the perfect spot for the lava to flow down on [why she built the place there is a mystery to Batibuse!]. The volcano has not erupted yet, but there is still a remaining possibility. Minnow's Respiteblock is small, and her walls are completely bare besides a few scratches and other marks from where she became angry and felt the need to strike something nearby with her Katar Daggers. Her Husktop is red and black, and is resting upon a small brown desk. Minnow enjoys filling journals with stories, ideas, and daily frustrations [if she doesn't first take it out on her walls]. She does this so often that she has a plethora of journals and loose papers scattered about her floor. It does become a problem as sometimes she will set them ablaze in her when she gets too infuriated, and she will have to quickly douse it before it destroys too much. At times, Minnow will traverse out of her hive and by the volcano to practice her abilities.


Minnow likes to write- not only about what she experiences but about things she notices or wonders, and even fictional stories or jumbles of text that don’t really have  much to do with anything. Minnow also likes to use her powers quite often when she can, usually going out by the side of the volcano to mess around with them or even practicing on objects she doesn’t care to keep. Minnow doesn’t always write alone. Though she likes to keep to herself more often, she will do bits of written improv with another troll in her group.


Minnow has pyrokinesis- the ability to create or control fire with her mind. While she is skilled in this ability, there are many drawbacks and limits. When she uses her ability, she can only do so for so long before it begins to weaken her, as it is a stressful process that requires immense concentration. There is also a limit to the area from which she can manipulate the element from. She cannot create or control anything beyond a few miles. Another drawback to her ability is that sometimes she will be unable to control it when she is extremely angry. There are times where she will accidentally set something ablaze when she becomes infuriated, which becomes a major problem for her most of the time, and she has burned herself and some of her journals on more than one occasion. In battle, she will sometimes set her own weapons ablaze if she feels it necessary.

Minnow Sevets God Tier 2

Minnow as the Sylph of Space


Minnow’s title is Sylph of Space. Her Element is Fire. Her land is the LAND OF MAGMA AND FROGS and its Denizen is Echidna. Her land consists of some sort of hard, jagged landscape that glows brilliantly and with a yellowish hue. There are cliffs and mountains with falls of liquid magma that pour out into lavabeds throughout the terrain. The consorts of this land are Lava Frogs.


The Trickster- A former leader of a pack of rebels against the caste system. She and her group typically resorted to violent acts of tyranny against those above them and were considered highly dangerous. A soldier was sent after The Trickster to fight and capture her and her team, but the troll always managed to slip away from him. In the beginning, the soldier was only following his orders, fighting against The Trickster any moment she appeared. However, as their battles continued, he found himself infactuated with her and soon their relationship became a Matespritship.  They began to rendezvous, which unfortunately led to a slip-up and got the Trickster caught by a different female soldier who had been sent in the male troll’s place. The Trickster and her group were caught, and soon executed for their crimes.


Keslyr Sprite
Keslyr Sevets (kes-luh-er seh-vets) is the courageous, confident Dancestor of Minnow Sevets. She is 9 sweeps old and obsessed with martial arts. Though being physically weak, she is enormously bold and courageous and willing to fight her way through any situation if necessary. She is also very compassionate and understanding.
Keslyr, like Minnow, is a pyrokinetic- though stronger in the skill than the young troll.
She wields the STAFFKIND strife specibus. Her staff, which she uses quite often to train, is made of a material that is easily set aflame but will not tarnish or dither. She is much better in control of her power than Minnow and uses it in battle more than her younger Dancestor would. Keslyr wears gloves and shoes that are similar to her staff in that they can be set ablaze without deteriorating in order to ‘carry’ the fire on her body without burning herself. She uses this in case she needs to do close combat [as she typically prefers ranged combat with her staff] in which she can strike the enemy with her hands or feet that are set ablaze. However, it does require immense concentration still to use such a power and keep things ablaze, so there is still a limit to how long and often she can use it.
Keslyr |speaKs with a tranquil tOne withOut ever raising her vOice fOr any reasOn|.  Though she is gruff and bold, Keslyr typically displays a calm nature and will step into something only if she deems it necessary. Her Moirail is Sheena and she has Red feelings for Trystn which unfortunately she knows he most likely will never return.
Keslyr’s title is the Maid of Space.


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Minnow's Main Theme   [Alternate Link]

Going God Tier  [Alternate Link]



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