Kanine Tapeti

Kanine Tapeti

Kanine Tapeti (w-glasses)

Kanine Tapeti (prospit)


Sylph of Mind


7.5 Alternian solar sweeps (16.25 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

always types in lowercase, sometimes uses rabbit/hare-themed puns, adds an equals sign before each "o" to resemble her sign. Never uses conjunctions or end punctuation.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Calgir Shelak - Kismesis (failing)
Ursula Arktos - Flushcrush
Hare - Lusus

Kanine Tapeti, also known by her trollian handle tacticalActinium, is one of the trolls and one of a group of 10 that would enter the medium in a session separate from that of the Hivebent cast. Her associated sign is Lepus and she has tall, thin horns resembling the "ears" of her leporid symbol. 

Kanine comes from kanin, the Swedish word for rabbit, and Tapeti is a breed of rabbit found in Central and South America.

Her weapon of choice is a lamp, which one would think would make a terrible weapon. However, Kanine enjoys bludgeoning her enemies with light-emitting objects, and frequently makes luminous puns when using any lamp-based weapon.


Kanine is a very curious troll, with a strong interest in science. She constantly runs experiments on willing (and occasionally unwilling) subjects. She never feels remorse for any damage she causes while performing these experiments, though this would probably be an average reaction for a troll. By contrast, she can also be very helpful and will generally assist anyone who asks. She aspires to join the majority of her blood caste in the brooding caverns when she grows up, specializing in studying the mother grub and rooting out defective offspring.


Kanine has a not-so-secret flushed crush on her friend Ursula. However due to Ursula's problems with concupiscent quadrants, the two remain just friends. Kanine does flirt with Ursula sometimes, much to Ursula's discomfort, even thought she knows it's useles.

Kanine's kismesissitude with Calgir is a relationship that the two believe they must carry on from their ancestors, who were in the same quadrant together. However, there is very little conviction on either end, and each is considering breaking it off though they would never tell the other. In reality, Kanine's feelings for Calgir are more of friendliness than anything, and she sometimes wonders what it would be like if they had never been kismeses in the first place.

Cuvros is one of Kanine's closest friends behind Ursula, and the two often talk about their various interests together (although Kanine's tendencies for experimentation often perturb Cuvros.


Kanine's lusus is a large rabbit about the size of a human automobile. It resembles a snowshoe hare. It is a generally quiet animal unless provoked, in which case it will hiss and even scream to deter whatever it is facing.

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