Taraxa Hydrus



Seer of Life


9 sweeps


Serpentmom - Lusus
Vertum Hydrus - Dancestor

Your name is TARAXA HYDRUS, and you have been dead for MANY SWEEPS. You are a member of the royal FUSCHIA BLOODCASTE, and your title is the SEER OF LIFE.

Personality/Traits Edit

Taraxa has a naturally postive and optimistic view on the world, and understands what will make a person flourish and grow. She feels as though everything that lives should have an end, so reaching god tier or even playing Sgurb would be/was a problem. She likes helping people and assisting them in becoming more powerful if she knows it's for a good purpose.

As Sheik Opulent Dichotomous Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Taraxa comes from taraxacum officinale, the scientific name for dandelion, which can be used to treat infections and liver problems

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