Cyrrus's Symbol
Cyrrus Napyer

Cyrrus N




|-|Grub=File:Cyrrus-Grub.png |-|Trickster=File:Cyrrus-Trickster.png |-|Inverted Self=File:The Reserved.png

gut n)ow vhere ze hec)k did i put zhat c)opy of zhe fickin' game?!


Knight of Space


9 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Puts Parenthesis In Front Of O's And 0's. All Lowercase. Uses A Mild Stylized German Accent.


Alchemical Symbol for Platinum

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



The Barbaric- Ancestor

The Reserved- Inverted Self

Fabian Napyer- Dancestor

Pyrulo- Worst Enemy

Herr Ducky- Lusus

Lives in



The Land of Clouds and Frogs


Tattoos, Obscure Artistry, Cryptic Tales, Tales of the Undead


Idiots, Spiders, Elitists, Mad Science

vhy vould you c)are?!


Herr Ducky (Duck Creature)










The Barbaric


Fabian Napyer

Session Info


Knight of Space


Land of Clouds and Frogs




Tier 1: Dead Lusus



Team Position:


Server Player:

Tayy Ezekel

Client Player:

Dill McClaw


You are now CYRRUS NAPYER and to be honest, you are quite STANDOFFISH. You are a thick-skulled knucklehead and have the DOPEY personality to boot. Despite this, you are specialized in a good number of your INTERESTS. For one, you love TATTOOS and have opened up part of your HIVE as an underground PARLOR. The money you make from this is unreal and you do quite a decent job though you REFUSE to ink yourself. It sounds strange, but despite your strife specibus of NEEDLEKIND and your hobby, you hate the idea of being stuck by NEEDLES.

When you aren't working on someone's body art, you dabble in other forms of OBSCURE ARTISTRY meaning you sit for HOURS perfecting your pieces, many of which, are uncomprehensible. You have many PIECES of abstract or macabre art laying around or hanging up in your hive. It adds to the classic tattoo parlor VIBE, but for the most part, one would think they're just a bunch of SQUIGGLY LINES. You hate it when people tell you that and won't touch brushes for weeks when it happens. Yes, you can be a DRAMA KING.

Lastly, you love cryptic tales of the UNDEAD, particularly the fight against or between RAINBOW DRINKERS and MONSTERS. Your favorite tale is HELLSING, an old anime you found in a CRATER a good ways from your hive. So far, you are sure that your favorite character is THE DOCTOR and like such, you have altered your speaking and typing to match his. This is seen as annoying and has actually offended a certain someone as they have a genuine accent. You really hate that guy and his MAD SCIENCE.

Hostility aside, your trolltag is tattooedGrievance and you sink you have zhe best ac)c)ent in ze whole vorld.}}

What will you do now?


Cyrrus is thick-skulled so he tends to be quite oblivious to things and actually seems quite stupid. However, he tends to be a knucklehead and often gets in trouble hence the grievance in his tag. When working on a form of art, he is focused, but demands things be done his way.


Cyrrus was hatched into the higher of the mid castes and was well off like most of his fellow Cerulean bloods on Correspa. All his life, he enjoyed the arts and was fascinated by tattoos. This led to him learning the basics off the streets from some of the lesser bloods and the opening of his own home parlor. From there, he lived well off until he found himself caught up in the plans of Serene and Achles' session while visiting Sagiti Taroci.


Cyrrus stayed by Sagiti's side through the crazy shenanigans of SGRUB. Once the universes were created, he was left behind by the emperors with the others on the meteor in the Veil. From there, he was eventually connected to the S.A.P.S. kids via H.I.M. from the future on Earth. This brought Cyrrus and the entire meteor into the S.A.P.S. session which would later be merged with the L.O.W.S. session.

Along the way, Cyrrus ascended as a Knight of Time and aided in breeding the Genesis Frogs.

Trivia and EtymologyEdit

  • Cyrrus is named for one of my sister's role playing characters though he could also be named for Cyrus the Great or Cyrus II of Persia.
    • His symbol of platinum, a VERY precious and expensive metal, could fit with this.
  • Napyer comes from Napyeer, a speculated last name for the Doctor in Hellsing.
    • My sister too roleplayed that character and it was actually her that created Cyrrus.
      • I fixed him up and made him a part of the story at first on a whim, but have since integrated him with everything else.
        • Fabian too is named for one of my sister's roleplay characters.
  • Tattooed refers to his hobby of tattooing though he himself, it not inked.
    • Grievance was put in as a tongue-in-cheek dig against those who called him annoying. It really does bug him though.


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