Kahlin Teruna
Wh4t the fUCk 4re y0U even Chiming 0n 4b0Ut?


Page of Void


Land of Mail and Skeletons

Be the yellowblood firestarter.Edit

Your name is KAHLIN TERUNA. You like STARTING FIRES and FINE JACKETS. You talk with '4 bit 0f Chr0niC 4nger 4nd s0me n4s4lly slUrs.' but otherwise normally. You think you'll go BOTHER HIGHBLOODS and BURN MAIL. Sometimes you wonder how they overlook CULLING YOU.


A yellowblooded arsonist, who above all enjoys seeing what he can get away with. He hates highbloods and goes out of his way to piss them off. His lusus is a firebreathing worm-creature and he lives in an communal hive, like many others of his blood color.

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