Kara Alphus
Kara's Symbol

Kara Snow


Kara-God Tier

My, you look sad. Tell me, would cookies make you feel better? They usually do, I swear on the fabled works of Shakespeare they do! :')


Mage of Rage


17 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Uses Decent Grammar And Syntax. Can Delve Into All Lowercase When Angry Or Suspicious. Sometimes Abuses Emoticons.


Yellow Flower

Strife Specibi

Spadekind, Crochethookind

Fetch Modus

Latch Hook Kit


Nanny Alphus- Guardian

Jack Alphus- Inverted Granddaughter

Lives in



The Land of Songs and Solitude


Crocheting, Growing Flowers, Browsing Old Catalogs, Cheering Others Up


Anything that goes against her way


You are KARA ALPHUS and you are quite the OLD-TIMER at heart.


A gifted orator, Kara is quite chatty and knows JUST which strings to pull to get her way. She can also be quite emotional and affectionate to the point of smothering.


The fourth of the L.O.W.S. had a decent life as the granddaughter of Nanny Alphus in her little urban bungelow. Growing up surrounded by art materials, Kara developed a healthy interest in crocheting and gardening. Donn Ezekel was a staple of her childhood and it was these two along with Kwon who met the four at that fateful gaming convention.

Dill, Jonn, Kwon, Kara, Joel, Lois, and Donn hit it off well and developed alter egos of themselves for fun. From there, they came together as the L.O.W.S. team and vowed to haunt the convention every year in cosplay.

The friendship still lasts.


During SBURB Epsilon, Kara was the server player to Joel Dargon and the client player of Kwon Angell. When she entered the Medium, she was greeted by the melodious Land of Songs and Solitude, a lonely world where petrified flowers once filled the music with air. Her quest was to restore the flowers, fill the music with air once again, and defeat her denizen Ares. Along the way, she would have to learn how to chant Rage.


  • Tenacious refers to her tendency to keep a firm grip on things a.k.a. smother others.
    • Affection was chosen due to her sometimes overly loving nature.


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