Sara Redfern

Sara Help!

Sara Dream Done2

Sara God Done2

i'm not gonna help you out of this if your stupid plan fails


Witch of Mind


18 (July 6th, 1995)

Screen Name


Typing Style

all lowercase, some punctuation

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of Mist and Thought


Your name is SARA REDFERN and you are a TOTAL BADASS. You recently turned 18 and love it! Growing up you watched old Clint Eastwood movies, and realized you wanna be an old timey COWGIRL. Not the lame cow rustling kind, but the ROUGH AND TUMBLE, SHOOTOUTS AT HIGH NOON, ROBBING TRAINS kind! You like to practice with your REVOLVERKIND SPECIBUS. Oh yeah. You are the best. You have a ROTTWEILER named FANGS. She (shut up) is the best and you love to bring her along when you go out. You also like to HUSTLE people. You always manage to CON SUCKERS out of their hard-earned money. You also like to hustle people at CARDS. You have yet to be fooled by a POKER FACE. God, people are easy to read. You have always managed to get away with your crimes. You have a WAY WITH WORDS. Which is to say you can MANIPULATE people to within an inch of their life. You once talked your way out of a theft charge. That was great! You told the cop that he said you could take it and the idiot bought it! Your chumhandle is tenaciousSwindler and you talk in a compelling manner, I mean come on there's no way I took that! You believe me right?


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Land of Mist and Thought

Consorts: Geckos

Description: a mountainous planet with valleys of thick jungle and mist.

Quest: Research within the geckos has led to a class system based off of intelligence. This has led to the geckos splitting into two feuding groups: the Intelligents/Smarties, and the Ignorants/Team B. The Witch of Mind must convince the upper class to reconcile with the others, so they can help them learn and improve.

Choice: She must choose to either help the geckos and learn to unlock the mind as never before, or to leave them fighting and gain vast wealth, with no personal growth.

Denizen: Medusa


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