Desken Ponoka
It's all over for our sessIon. We're done. I just kIlled one of our only hopes of wInnIng thIs thIng.


"The Creep"


Prince of Doom


7 alternian solar sweeps.

Screen Name


Typing Style

Capitalizes every instance of the letter I.


Diphthong of A and E.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Jalkab Urrytu - Kismesis

Elephantdad - Lusus

Baggel Ponoka - Dancestor

The Abhorrent - Ancestor

Lives in

Large hive in the middle of a forest clearing.


Land of Blood and Danger


Weapons, hunting.


Being bothered.

Who is this joker?Edit

Your name is DESKEN PONOKA. You are a quiet, thin COBALTBLOOD who has an interest in HUNTING. You have a reputation amongst HIGHBLOODS for being absolutely savage, as you often kill those with your DAGGERS who annoy you, mostly other COBALTBLOODS, TEALBLOODS, and INDIGOBLOODS.

You like to spend time with your LUSUS, ELEPHANTDAD, and often use him as a WAR TOOTBEAST, as you often ride into conflicts with other trolls by riding him into battle. You also are known for being a general creep, as you like to watch people when they aren't looking and hack into other troll's computers to watch them through their webcams. You do this because it makes you feel pleased.

Your TROLLTAG is TERRITORIALATROCITY and you log on frequently, mostly so that your KISMESIS can converse with you. You like to pretend that the HEMOSPECTRUM does not exist.

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