Be the obsessive cult leaderEdit

Your name is LEREAL BELSAI, and you are the LEADER of the SUFFERIST CADRE who inhabit the DISCIPLE’S CAVERN. You are a DEVOUT follower of the SUFFERER’S TEACHINGS, though NOT A PARTICULARLY OPEN-MINDED ONE. You are SAD that the SECOND SUFFERER, who insists you simply call him KARKAT though you do not think yourself WORTHY, has been taken in by the LIES of the WOULD-BE DICTATOR, FEFERI PEIXES, and that DISGUSTING PURPLEBLOODED SLUT, GAMZEE MAKARA. You REFUSE to believe Makara’s NONSENSE about having ESCAPED from the attentions of his EVIL ANCESTOR, and are sure he is a SPY. You are certain Karkat will COME AROUND. After all, you have now COLLECTED A FULL SET of the DESCENDANTS of the Sufferer and all his GREATEST FOLLOWERS, even if the spawn of their GREATEST ENEMIES also appear to be part of the package. What could be a BETTER OMEN? Your trolltag is testimonySixtynine, and you really wish someone would tell you why everyone keeps laughing at it. You < tend to quote a lot and SHOUT WHEN YOU GET EXCITED >


Lereal Belsai is a minor character in the fic Hivefled.

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