A small team of four trolls lead by Aereos.

This storyline has been mostly deleted out as one of the members in the group is being changed up, which will mean changes to the storyline.

The Order...Edit

GA > AA > ?? > TA

Getting into the game...Edit

Unlike most trolls who get into the game legitimately by purchasing the game (or at least semi-legitimately by making their own damn server), Aereos Virali actually had never even heard of the game until he stumbled across a session already-in-progress on a mysterious server he couldn't quite locate on Alternia despite his brilliant CodeRunning capabilities.

As it turned out, the session was being held by four earth humans, and somehow Aereos had connected to it through the blockades of time and space itself (he's just that good). Interested, he did more research on the game as the four main players progressed through it, and learned the ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF THE GAME. This prompted him to decide on hacking into the game.

Because of this, the game changed to accomodate four more players. realizing he needed 3 extra if he wanted to win, he called upon the services of other gifted individuals much like himself. Exeter Oburos, the young prodigy Threshecutioner. An infamously cold and ruthless assassin. Elrojo Diablo, the young prodigy Ruffiannihilator. One of the strongest creatures in all of Alternia who's reputation precedes him. And finally, an unkown fourth party.

Gathering these trolls into a four-man group he dubbed "The Chosen" was no simple task. Or at least it wouldn't be for any normal troll, but Aereos managed to appeal to their individual interests and desires. For the most part, this involved blackmail and manipulation.

Now with his team ready to go he began his own campaign into the game.

A long journey...Edit

Aereos had troubles leading the trolls. Elrojo refused to do anything that didn't involve testing the limits of his enormous strength, and Kyubit still held a grudge against his old rival, refusing to follow his orders and, instead, trying to blaze his own path through the game. Exeter proved essential in bringing this team together, as he was able to negotiate Aereos's orders to the other two. He turned out to be the easiest to control (Aereos wasn't sure if this was because of the blackmail, or Exeter's naturally subservient personality...).

A change in plans...Edit


Near the end...Edit


Grand Finale...Edit



Aereos and his chosen were themed to symbolically represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Aereos represents Pestilence.

Elrojo represents War.

??? represents Famine.

And, finally, Exeter represents Death.

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