Tentus Lohnar


Tentus DEAD

Tentus DREAM

Tentus Godtier

w()w. we are s() stupid.


Prince of Time


6 Solar Sweeps (13 earth Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

All lowercase letters.Mostly perfect syntax. Replaces "o" with ()<"

Strife Specibi


Tentus Lohnar also know by his Trollian handle theoreticalCalamity, is a sea-dwelling troll.

His horns are facing in different directions, one going up and the other downwards, which may be a reference to his frequent mood shifts. He has a pierced left fin and wears sunglasses.

The first part of his Trollian handle "theoretical" refers to his love of writing theories and post apocalyptic stories. The second part "Calamity" refers to his lack of belief that anything will work out and that it will most likely end up as a huge chaos (including his session).

He was a member of The Red Team


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Personality and TraitsEdit

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He and Leapus' relationship is somewhat strained. He doesn't find her to be be as annoying as most of the other trolls and "May s()meday, s()meh()w" consider her his friend. Leapus considers him one of the better trolls and choose him to be on her "elite team of awesome"aka The Red Team.


He dislikes Closta. He is annoyed at how lucky she is all the time and for a short time, had a caliginous crush on her, but this was shortly abandoned. Their conversations crash and burn quickly and he didn't grow closer to her after being put together on the same team.


Tentus's custodian is a creature that resembles a Narwhal that has it's horn split in two. It is unknown is this is natural, or was caused by something, and we most likely never will. He lusus and him rarely see one another, as they both prefer solitude. When it was prototyped, Narwhalsprite often pestered Tentus, saying "There's so much we need to talk about!" which Tentus ignored time after time.

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