Milly Ingram

Pesterchum Handle




Typing Quirk

Only capitalises the first letter in each line. ocasional typoes. no period at end of final sentence. otherwise perfect gramar and syntax

Strife Specibus


Fetch Modus

Automatic Weaponization


Mother (Suzie Ingram Pre-Scratch)



Maid of Space


Land of Grass and Frogs (referred to as Land of Temptation and Evil by Milly since she knows her pyromania would lead to a planet-wide bonfire)

Dream Moon


Prototyping 1

Firework (flew in accidentally)

Prototyping 2

Echidna (Fireworksprite syllejected into her)


Matesprit ♥

Rusty Astril (Originally unrequited)

Kismesis ♠


Moirail ♦


Auspistice ♣

Rusty Astril and Saber Pokary


MI: Don't worry, i won't look

RA:You're looking right now, aren't you. YOU'RE A REALLY BAD LIAR, YOU KNOW THAT?

MI:You know me perfectly

KonottonStruck IntroductionEdit

A teenage girl stands just outside her room. It just so happens that today is this girl's birthday. She is not inside her room because it was set on fire by by a fallen birthday cake candle. And she knows just who did it. It was her. She did it on purpose. And she liked it.

Wait, What?

Be the PyromaniacEdit

You are now Milly Ingram. You are 16 years old today. A number of ASH PILES are scattered around your room. The only thing in here that hasn't been UNCEREMONIOUSLY CREMATED is your FIREPROOF BRIEFCASE, received as an early present from your friend, RegalAggrevation. You have many INTERESTS, all hidden away in the FIREPROOF BRIEFCASE.. The first and foremost is FIRE. You also like VIDEO GAMES. You always win against your friends. Except one. You can't beat Rusty in a video game-off. He is simply the best there is. Unless the game requires two ARMS. But that's not your business. You kind of have a "HUMAN FLUSHED CRUSH" on him. But that's a SECRET. A SECRET so SECRET that he's all you ever talk about. Except FIRE. You love FIRE. But Rusty doesn't, at least not as much as you do. You kind of creep him out. You type in a way that expreses your love of fire. and your lazy personallity. but that's not the point

View HouseEdit

Your house doesn't have much, as your SISTER doesn't trust you with FIRE and EXPENSIVE THINGS. That's why you have a FIREPROOF DOOR. She probably keeps ALL THE GOOD STUFF in her room.

Examine SylladexEdit

It is the best sylladex ever. It is the almighty AUTOMATIC WEAPONISATION MODUS. You have a standard individual card size capacity, 52 cards, and whenever you need something, it automatically gets sent flying at painful speeds. You are hoping to someday combine it with the Wallet Modus to be able to physically hold the card and point it at someone. Then let the magic happen.

Examine Strife PortfolioEdit

It should be illegal for you to use the FIREWORKKIND SPECUBUS. But it is not, and you are exploiting that fact to your advantage here.

Greet GuardianEdit


Remember what happened during SburbEdit


Maid of SpaceEdit

As the Maid of Space, you (do stuff i'll write later)

Post-scratch SelfEdit


Examine RelationsEdit

DepictedIchor Meh at Rusty was his sprite

CovertExceptional She's nice


EternitysEndevour He's cool, but Rusty hates him, and he's a real sucker for bribe money

TurbulenceAssuade Eww he's creepy. I see why Rusty complained about his alt. self

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