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Ambrose face

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Your Troll's Name


? blooded ?(Sea/Land)dweller (#Blood color hex for your Troll goes here)

Typing Quirk


Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus




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Land of ? and ?

Dream Self



?, ?

Team Position

? to Enter,(Served By ?), Server to ?





Introduction Edit

You are a female troll who lives on Alternia. Your blood belongs in the indigo group (landwelling purples) and your symbol is an Ankh. You are 7.4 Sweeps old (16 years) And you own a whipkind strife deck. naming your Whip Roseprick. As long as you have an Ankh on you can not die as it is your key to life.

==>Be her

Your name is Ambrose Aphease.

You are a troll and You Get pretty excited about ANYTHING THAT IS ALIVE. Your mind is a bit morbid in a way and you love to see people smile and murder those who make them frown. You are very Caring and elegant but extremely violent and unforgiving. You Spend most of your time in your rose garden while waiting for your BUTTERFLY LUSUS to come back from her migration. Your strife specibus is WhipKind which appears to be a normal rose at first glance but with a larger stem. The whip itself having thorns wrapped around it for more damage.

You belong with the purple blood caste although you can be as insane as others, you know how to keep your cool when needed. You can bring others back to life, just as easy as you can whip them to death. You love to sing, and you are known to be able to calm others with the sound of your voice.

Your pesterchum handle is thornedSiren.


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  • Ambrose is known to be the food of the gods that would give them their immortality.
  • Aphaese comes from the Greek goddess Aphaea, known for fertility (or to give life) and agriculture (plants) hence her Ankh symbol representing Life.


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