Joan Dargon
Joanne's Symbol

Joanne Jenkins


Joanne-God Tier


come on man do i look like i know?


16 Earth Years

Screen Name


Typing Style

Emphasizes Certain Words. Uses Statements That Clearly Need Commas To Be Expressed Properly. No Care is Given To Capitalization.


Styilized Blue Bunny

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus




Bro- Guardian

Joel Dargon- Inverted Brother

Lives in



The Land of Mirrors and Candles


Odd Television Series Involving Ghosts And Such, Jensen Ackles, Cute Animals, Game of Thrones, Pop Figures, Korean Boy Bands


Arsehats, Being Bossed Around, Work

Session Info


Witch of Light


Land of Mirrors and Candles




Tier 1: Ace Tier 2: Natsu Plush



Team Position:



You are JOAN DARGON and boy do you want work to end!


Joan, by far, is one of the sassiest of the S.A.P.S. and probably the most experienced with life. She however, also tends to delve into childish behaviors on occasion.


Before the big day, Joan was the new kid in 6th grade and after a brush with Lizz, she grew to befriend her and Wren. She grew up with her bro and moved to Pennsylvania where she later met her friends now. After awhile, she met Hail, Sara, Jack, and Tayy.

They melded together on Wren's birthday party on the first annual S.A.P.S. meeting. Soon after, a new player was entered into the S.A.P.S.; Tayy Ezekel and all from the confines of Joan's basement. After, they made matching coats, adopted names and colors for each respective person, and forged a lasting friendship. Joan to this day butts heads with Sara, but has a lasting friendship with Tayy Ezekel.

Other than Sara, the friendship with the others continued to last to this day.


When Joan entered the session, she was the server player to Sara much to the latter's dismay, and the client of Jack. Upon entering the Medium, she came across the Land of Candles and Incense, a beautiful and sweet smelling world of light. Her consorts were orange alligators and her denizen was Cetus. Her quest was to restore light and relight the candles that Cetus put out. Along the way she would have to learn how to play the fire.


  • Joan is a shortening of my actual friend's name and Dargon is Dragon with the "a" and "r" switched.
  • Her entire tag is inspired by her love of Game of Thrones.


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