Velmer Icon1
Velmer Sardas

Troll Velmer01

Troll VelmerDream

Troll Velmer02

Vel ABSprite2


Judge of Heart


8 Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Begins with '-' replaces 't/T' with '7', replaces 'w/W' with 'vv', replaces 's/S' with 'z' capitalises first word of each sentence , ends sentences with '///'


A Trio of Lines crossed by a Fourth

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Doomsday Keys

Lives in



Land of Cliffs and Storm


Swords, Knights, War, the fine art of Torture.


His Lusus.

Be the SeadwellerEdit

You are VELMER SARDAS, and you are 8 sweeps old.

You're a member of the UNDERSEA ARISTOCRACY and are IRRITATINGLY PROUD OF IT. You have a powerful desire to KILL EVERYBODY, which you deal with through the HORRENDOUS TORTURE of young trolls that stumble across your hive.

Your interests include KNIGHTS, WAR, and TORTURE, particularly the last two, and you tend to enjoy playing STRATEGIC WARGAMES.

You do not live in a regular hive; rather than build it all from scratch, you found an ABANDONED ARTILLERY BUNKER and made it more home-like. Said bunker still had a MASSIVE ARTILLERY CANNON, which you occasionally fire in random directions with the intent of killing some random troll somewhere.

Due to your aforementioned BLOODLUST, you tend to not go out often, so you have fairly few friends. When you MUST GO OUTSIDE, you're fairly capable of not going on a PSYCHOTIC RAMPAGE for the most part.

Your Modus is THE DOOMSDAY KEYS, which requires varying amounts and styles of keys to access anything, and you proudly wield the BLADEKIND Strife Specibus, because you think any other way of killing things to be vulgar and unbefitting a troll of your caste.

Your trolltag is thunderousConqueror, -AND you have a somevvha7 odd vvay of zpeaking.///

Regard LususEdit

You're lusus is a SERPENT OF UNUSUAL SIZE.

It's primary form of hobby seems to be injecting a slow-acting but inevitibly fatal venom into young trolls that stumble across your hive, and then eating them. It may perhaps be the single most definitively evil creature on Alternia, or just a sadistic bastard who's bored half the time; there's a very subtle difference between the two.

At night, while you sleep, actually all the time really, you could swear it was encourging your murderous outbursts, but it coudn't be... could it?

View ImageEdit

Vel Lusus

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