Métris Quaestio
Light Sun




H3R3, WH0 N33D FR13ND5 WH3N Y0U H4V3 7H3 CL0CK 7H47 15 C0UN71N6 D0WN UN71L 7H3 3ND 0F 7H3 W0RLD?


The Timekeeper


Knight of Life


9.23 solar sweeps/20 earth years

Screen Name


Typing Style

All caps and use LEETSPEAK (0=O, 1=I, 2=Z, 3=E, 4=A, 5=S, 6=G, 7=T, 8=B. 9=Q) (example: H3LL0, MY N4M3 15 M37R15 9U435710)



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Matikós Quaestio - Dancestor

THE TIMEKEEPER - Post-Scratch self


Land of Sand and Steam (LoSaS)

You want to be this strange troll dancestor

You can't be this strange troll dancestor, this dancestor is busy hiding

Let's see the Alan's dad archives?

The name of this dancestor is MÉTRIS QUAESTIO, he like to do science things and mess with time science, due to his lime blood, he crafted a cave into his hive, so he would NEVER be caught and killed...

Biography Edit

MÉTRIS QUAESTIO, is a lime-blood troll and his associated symbol is the Greek letter SIGMA (S)

He grow up in a very DESERT PLACE, and when he found MATIKÓS QUAESTIO, he hided him in his cave

The same cave that he crafted into a hidden laboratory to his tests

He was also know by the name of the Timekeeper, 'cause he tested with a lot of things that he wasn't supposed to, like the CHI-CONTROLLER, the controller that can control the time... He was aware of the danger, but he made it, the controller will just work if it is charged with the power of 50 suns... So it will never work...

Etymology Edit

The name MÉTRIS came from the Greek word Χρονομέτρης (CHRONOMÉTRIS) which means TIMEKEEPER, since he is know for his time science

On the other hand, we have QUAESTIO, and means QUESTION, and this is a reference for his horns, which resemble the QUESTION MARK, but, his horns is the SIGMA in LOWER CASE (?)

Personality and Traits Edit

MÉTRIS QUAESTIO is know for mix jokes with serious things, such as the end of the ones with lime blood (he never cared about that anyway), or even his own machines and explorations...

He also like to read a lot of troll romance, and even wrote some of them, but destroying in the next second

He was also know for his expeditions and always returning alone and just with what he calls "death knowledge", cause he likes to see all the way that they could die, just to finish his masterpiece

He never cared about friends or even companions, but when someone need helps, he does everything to save... Most of the time he fail on that and the life goes

Trivia Edit

  • The ancestor of Matikós Quaestio is also the post-scratch incarnation of Métris Quaestio, know as THE TIMEKEEPER. According to Alan's dad archives, he was the one to set the clock to the end of the world. He ran away when the Lime bloods where threatened, but died alone in the middle of the nowhere
  • Métris Quaestio is left handed, this is revealed when you look at his picture when he is quoted as THE TIMEKEEPER
  • Métris Quaestio already left 612 trolls to death in 413 caves
  • Métris Quaestio nearly left Matikós to die in the desert in the normal timeline
  • Métris is a dancestor, but he already talked to the normal timeline several times
    • We can see this in the Matikós page, where Matikós is wearing Métris outfit
  • THE TIMEKEEPER, in his timeline, was the last of the Lime blood trolls to die, since he died in the cave, along with Matikós
  • Matikós and Métris start and end with M and S
  • He changed his last name to a 8 letter name (breaking the 6x6 rule) to hide himself

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