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Greg Alvain
Greg Symbol

Greg with labcoat

Greg alvain

Greg prospit

Greg wounded

Greg Dead

Greg Heir of Mind

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Heir of Mind


15 Earth Years

Screen Name


Strife Specibi

Fetch Modus

Density Modus


Mom Alvain - Guardian (deceased)

Vale Richke - Friend

Anne Gloria - Friend

Andy Mitras - Friend


Land of Gears and Lightning (LoGaL)

Be the Serious Scientist KidEdit

You are now Greg Alvain,

Your Chumhandle is ticktockTimer and


Background Edit

Guardian Edit

Patron Troll Edit

Greg's patron troll is Naiviv Curena . Naiviv is fascinated by Greg, and asks him lots of questions about human culture. However, Greg doesn't believe that Naiviv is a troll for quite some time. In fact, when she tells him she's seven sweeps old, he takes that to mean she's seven Earth years old, and keeps treating her like a child.

Greg also told Naiviv about mermaids , which she becomes very fascinated with, and even starts to draw herself as one as a sort of "OC".

When the Beta kids and the Beta trolls meet for the first time, Greg assumes Naiviv is in cosplay, and grabs her horns to try and take them off, not knowing that that's an act of sexual harassment in troll culture, on top of assaulting a highblood. This would anger Dictus and Eteran, and the two agreed to a temporary truce until they both beat the shit out of Greg.

Modus Edit

Greg starts out with the infamous Flatpack Modus, which requires the user to disassemble and pack away items, then pull out the box when needed, and reassemble the item. (Think IKEA.) However, this requires a special Allen Wrench, which Greg unfortunately packed away in the modus, thus rendering it useless.

Frustrated, Greg switched to the Brickbox Modus, which throws all the item pieces into a huge (Lego) box, and the user must dig the items out. More important pieces tend to sink to the bottom.



The Land of Gears and Lightning (LoGaL)Edit

The Land of Gears and Lightning (LoGaL) is home to many flying electric eels, who recharge by allowing themselves to be hit by the many bolts that fly down from the sky.

The Denizen of LoGaL is Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge, divine words, and books.

Heir of Mind Edit

As the Heir of Mind, Greg's powers are largely unknown.


  • Greg's symbol is the alchemic symbol for marcasite or "fool's gold".

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