"Of course. We're professionals here."

-Remy Shearer

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Session informationEdit

Timewrecked is a session of six teens. Even before they begin the games, problems arise. With all their conflicting personalities, they soon discover it's almost impossible to get along like they need to to survive. How will they make it through?

Character InformationEdit

Names: God Tier Title Lands Residency
Kyan Holter Knight of Heart

Land of Antiquity and Recreation

Amesbury, England

Remy Shearer Witch of Time

Land of Delusion and Complications

Kenora, Ontario
Milo Reiner Heir of Mind

Land of Inconsistency and Lunacy

Sydney, Australia
Emry Searle Prince of Light Land of Heresy and Chicanery Hamilton, New Zealand
Jenn Sillan Seer of Void

Land of Proficiency and Augmentation

Paris, France
Lucy Blyth Maid of Space Land of Razzmatazz and Absurdity Los Angeles, California

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