You are the WITCH OF TIME, or you will be once you awake on DERSE.

Once you enter the game, you will start in the LAND OF SLIPPERS AND OCEANS, which is inhabited by SQUID.

There, the enemies drop MERCURY GRIST and serve the feared DENIZEN NERO, but you'll surely be able to overcome them with your trusty FRYINGPANKIND strife specibus.

Your username is tomboyishFlipflop, and you u
Hana God Tier

Hana is God Tier!

se the STACK fetch modus.
Hana Camiyto
i have a strong passion for bunnies.that explains why my shirt is like that, okay?


Witch of Time



Screen name


Typing style

doesn't capitalize anything, other than that, perfect syntax.types in a purple caste. ( #345k3m4kn )

Strife Specibus


Fetch Modus



[Sis - Older sister] [Honeysuckle - rabbit(Deceased)] [Thecli Uafort - Patron troll] [Anah - Hana's Reflection]

Live(s) in

A small, brick apartment building on 3rd Avenue, New York.


Land of Slippers and Oceans(LOSAO)

Likes and Dislikes

Likes:Rabbits, computers, purple, TV, fluffy slippers.Dislikes:Harry Potter, water, candles, heat, sweaters, belts, sweat pants, skinny jeans.

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