Calgir Shelak, also known by his Trollian handle tonalCalamity, is one of the trolls and one of a group of 10 that would enter the medium in a session separate from that of the Hivebent cast. His associated sign is Lyra.

Calgir Shelak

Calgir Shelak

Calgir Shelak (derse)


7.5 Alternian solar sweeps (16.25 human years)

Screen Name




Strife Specibi



Kanine Tapeti - Kismesis (failing)


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Personality Edit

Calgir is a very secretive troll, keeping key parts of his personality even from those closest to him. He enjoys playing and composing music, though this is probably the biggest secret he keeps and he would never admit it because he feels that this hobby would be seen as foolish or unbecoming. He is also convinced that the apocalypse approaches, and spends much of his free time 'doomsday prepping', especially by collecting ring-pulls from soda cans, which he is certain will be used as currency in the post-apocalyptic world.


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  • Calgir comes from the Turkish name of the Lyra constellation "Çalgı".
  • Shelak comes from Sheliak/Shelyak, the traditional name for the star Beta Lyrae in the Lyra constellation.


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