Siszeg symbol
Siszeg Elkaap


Siszeg talksprite

wAS thAt SuppoSEd to bE fuNNy?


Rogue of Mind


7 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

cApitAlizE thE lEttErS iN "SNAKE"


A galactic spiral

Strife Specibi


Introduction Edit

======> Be the snake boy

You are now the snake boy.

Your name is SISZEG ELKAAP.

You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for MOVIES AND TELEVISION SHOWS THAT ONE WOULD CALL TRIPPY OR CONFUSING. You don’t understand why OTHERS DON’T UNDERSTAND such media. It all makes PERFECT SENSE to you. You like EAVESDROPPING on others, so much so that you have perfected the art of NOT BEING SEEN. You do this so often that you know ALMOST ALL THE SECRETS of all of your friends and neighbors. This of course SCARES THE HELL OUT OF THEM, but you can’t bring yourself to GIVE A SHIT. In fact, it brings you joy to see them freak out when you spout your SEEMINGLY OMNISCIENT BULLSHIT. Man, you love CREEPING PEOPLE OUT!

Your LUSUS liked to surprise attack you multiple times a day and BITE YOU. Ever since you became fully immune to his venom, he stopped attacking you. Maybe that was just his way of TOUGHENING YOU UP? You don't know.


You are very cynical and snarky towards strangers or people you hate, often replying to them with smart aleck remarks. Towards people you like, you are a bit more "emo," as the humans call it. You are also very self-depricating, often needing your moirail to give you a pick-me-up.

You had unrequited flushed feelings for Kanaya Maryam before playing the game, and since you've been in contact with humans, you've developed flushed feelings for Linn, who reminds you a lot of Kanaya.

Biography Edit

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Session Edit

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Trivia Edit

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Gallery Edit

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