Selach Sign
Selach Phalai


Selach Dream

Selach Godtier

If you disslikeed it, I won't ussee the "sstupid" fin jusst for you.


Bard of Time


6 Solar Sweeps (13 Earth years)

Typing Style

Starts sentences with a 'shark fin' and doubles every "s" and "e". Types in standard form.

Strife Specibi

needlekind (Injection)

Fetch Modus

Test Tube


Land of Waves and Conscience


Building stuff, hunting



Be the local klutz.Edit

|\~~> It may bee truee, but it ssoundss sso inssulting.

Sorry. Just be the seadwelling mad scientist.Edit

Your name is Selach Phalai.

You have an interest on building stuff, although some of them can end pretty nasty. A lot of your friends considered you a klutz. Most of your experimentations are failure in result, which makes you sad. To make you recover from every negativity, you dive deep down the waters and hunt for treasure. If you collected enough, you take them back to your hive and quickly analyze each. After that, you will categorize them in to two categories: VALUABLES and SHIT.

You also love to be in contact with cetaceans and sharks, as you regard them as your first closest friends. In fact, your lusus is Sharkdad, and he sometimes swims along with you. You sure do love your lusus so much. But other than that, you enjoyed hunting prey with him. It relieves your pains every time.

Your trolltag is transcendentCetacean and you tend to "|\~~> Hissss a littlee and uninteentionally "eeh" at your conveerssationss".

Fun FactsEdit

Selach came from "Selachii", a class for sharks, while Phalai....I don't know anymore....

His symbol is Gold/Platinum dominated by Sol.

He was to turn out to be made out of science, but his personality targets on cetaceans and sharks the most.

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