Hefnea Diethe


Hefnea Diethe




Greenish Teal (#3f8570)

Typing Quirk

Replaces H with ##, double-Ls with //, and C with ¢


That funny thing, up there.



Strife Specibus







Recently broke up with.



((Under construction, a bit.))

Your name is HEFNEA DIETHE. You are about seven and a half sweeps old, roughly equivalent to sixteen Earth years.

You have a passion for METALWORKING. To this end you have constructed a significant part of your hive over an OPEN LAVA POOL you use, somehow, in relation to your THERMAL SHAPER-- er, FORGE. It is because of the COMPLICATED SMITHING ARRANGEMENTS you have set up inside most of your hive that the whole place is very HOT all the time. You find it unpleasant, but pretend not to as best you can, because that would be a SISSY THING TO DO.

You are NOT A SISSY. It's not like you work your nub off trying to prove it, but you INSIST YOU ARE NOT. You even cooled your DARKLY COLORED METAL BRACERS right on your forearms. Ouch. It's unlikely those are ever coming off. Good thing that doesn't matter much to you. You're a relatively laid-back kind of troll. Even if you are QUIETLY GROUCHY most of the time, your QUIET GROUCHINESS is directed at LIFE'S MISFORTUNES more than your fellow trolls. Except when your fellow trolls are part of life's misfortunes.

Since life is FULL OF MISFORTUNES, you spend most of your time inside your hive. When you aren't POUNDING THINGS INTO USEFUL SHAPES, you are sometimes randomly pushing FURNITURE around, being never satisfied with your hive's layout, and mostly wasting time on your HUSKTOP.

Your LUSUS is a DRAGONFLYBEAST, a critter that's kind of like an INSECTOID DRAGON the size of a small tiger, whatever a tiger is. She is of course not actually related to any kind of dragon, she just VAGUELY LOOKS LIKE ONE. She was much more active when you were young, but now she mainly spends all her time SLEEPING and sometimes gets up to STEAL YOUR FOOD when you're not looking.

You have your STRIFE SPECIBUS set to TONGSKIND, which, while useful for squishing your enemies, seem kind of silly to you and you occasionally consider things that might be BETTER WEAPONS. Your FETCH MODUS is set to SHARD, which basically means you hit it until the thing you want breaks off. You are also looking for a NEW FETCH MODUS.

Your blood is a MOSTLY GREENISH TEAL, which in your mind makes you the most middling of middling midway trolls. You sometimes like to borrow HIGHBLOOD VERNACULAR, but this is merely because it seems SIMPLER to you. You seem to have genetically dodged any possibility of PSYCHIC POWERS but you're PRETTY OKAY WITH THAT.

Your trolltag is transitionalFerrokine [TF], and you don't fu//y enun¢iate a// of your speec##.

You're not sure what your SYMBOL means, but you find it SIMPLISTICALLY INTERESTING.

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