Anreda Dromai
Anreda's Symbol




Anreda-God Tier




The Graceful

This plan is t. fail! NETSIL UOY ELICEBMI!!!!!


Sylph of Blood


7 Sweeps (15.2 Earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

All Lowercase. Uses Periods (.) In Place Of O's And {'s Instead Of C's and >< As X's And x's. Uses Commas As Punctuation. Types Backwards In All Caps When Angry. (SIHT EKIL)



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Simon Says



La Jasminum-Ancestor

The Graceful-Inverted Self

Nebula Dromai-Dancestor

Europo Cassop-Flushed Crush

Canino Lupene-Calignous Crush

Lives in



The Land of Beats and Sand


Bellydancing, Elegant Scarves, Beauty Rituals, Desert Phenomena


Loud Noises, Pranks, Jump Scares, Loneliness



Abeer (Arabian Oryx)






Arachi Muusca + Seduma Hydran




La Jasminum


Nebula Dromai

Session Info


Sylph of Blood


Land of Beats and Sand




Tier 1: Dead Lusus



Team Position:


Server Player:

Caleum Morgia

Host Player:

Europo Cassop

How About an Introduction Edit

Yes, and with 50% less horseshit too!

You are now ANREDA DROMAI. You are a quiet lady who loves to witness the STRANGE PHENOMENA of your desert home. At almost any time of the day you can be found PERCHED ON A WINDOW SEAT observing the desert for any sign of danger. From the extreme temperatures during the DAY AND NIGHT to the BLAZING SUNRISES, you mostly find yourself at ease once the day is over, unless, a sandstorm rumbles down the sand dunes. It is during these (seemingly frequent) events that you RUN FOR COVER and hide. When you aren't dealing with the desert home and its SURPRISES you have several interests although not too many. You are an avid BELLYDANCER and spend a nice deal of your time PRACTICING in the lonely confines of your RESPITEBLOCK. You started this hobby when a caravan of trolls passed by to spend the night by your hive. The music and the way they danced MESMERIZED you to no end and you decided to give it a try. From there you SCOURED every last SHRED of the SHITTY INTERNET YOU HAVE to learn every last scrap of detail. You learned much and have much GRACE when dancing, but your eyesight has become compromised from staring at a blaring screen for HOURS.

You also like to collect COLORFUL FLOWING SCARVES. You dance with some but most are hung in and outside of your hive as DECORATIONS. You love watching them FLY gracefully in the wind as it sort of ENCHANTS you. You are also obsessed with BEAUTY and spend hours in front of a mirror PRIMPING AND PREENING each morning. You also experiment from time to time with different LOOKS and have had some that would have made the emperor turn in his sleep. It is borderline obsession and most end up calling you a VAIN, PRISSY ASSED HIGHBITCH. It gives you a FLARING TEMPER every time they say it and you have worn the letters off of your keyboard to REMIND THEM OF THEIR MORALS. Inside you is a deep RESPECT for the HEMOSPECTRUM and you would love to PUT MOST LESSER BLOODED SCOUNDRELS firmly in their place. You also loathe those who view it as a JOKE AND NOTHING MORE with a passion that would RIVAL THE DESERT SUNSHINE. (You would rather walk out into that at its peak than THINK OTHERWISE on the matter.)

Speaking of flaring tempers and hatred, you loathe anything that scares you or makes you jump. Whether it involves loud things like EXPLOSIONS or an innocent PRANK OR TWO, you find it HIGHLY IRRITATING. It has gotten to the point where your poor old lusus, Abeer has caught you screaming out the window at passer by trolls, blue in the face. She is growing tired of you and contemplates wandering out into the desert to be LOST. As a result, your outbursts make you feel bad for the old girl, and wonder in amazement that she is somehow able to manage your HORSESHIT. Hell, if she had given up you would have been left to rot out in a sand storm or something SCREWY LIKE THAT. These REALIZATIONS always give you SECOND THOUGHTS and leave you WALLOWING IN REGRET over your actions. Really. Other than her company, it gets lonely from time to time and you do KICK YOURSELF IN THE ASS for screeching like a banshee at potentially NICE PEOPLE. Then again, who needs friends when you have Trollian? You also always resort to the INTERNET to cover up any GUILT you may feel. It is your MASK and you enjoy donning it while HIDING behind your KEYBOARD and the WORDS ONSCREEN.

Your Trolltag is messierShimmy and despite y.ur m.rals y.u {an be ETIUQ EVISSERGGA.

What will you do?


Write a third person summary of your Troll's personality here.


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(NOTE: Rewrite from a third person POV.) heveliusRingmaster [HR]

H.w rude,

wessonsPendulum [WP]

.nce again, EDUR!

gammaAmazoness [GA]

She can be decent at times,

argonautsBowsprit [AB]

I hate ass.{iating with the sea faring {lass,

celestialScales [CS]

She s{ares me, and I live in a pla{e that c.uld kill me any m.ment,

romulusVenatici [RV]

MIH ETAH I!!!!!!

ptolemyNebulae [PN]

She has .f the best h.usekeeping tips, :) H.wever, I hate auspisticing between her and Arachi,

apisHourglass [AH]

Ugh, She gets ann.ying, Especially when she quarrels with Seduma,

lacaillePluteum [LP]

.h my sweet darling eur.p., niccoloPenumbra [NP]

I hate feeling .bliged to .bey such a EGUH HCTIB! E><cuse my,

heraclesBounty [HB]

She is .ne .f few I d. n.t mind chatting with,

chordataSovereign [CS]

Ah, the heir, I am n.where near w.rthy t. talk t. him,


  • Anreda's entire name is a play on Andromeda, the daughter of Cassiopeia an Ethiopian queen known for her vanity
    • Anreda's vanity refers to this
  • Nebula Refers to the event that has been known to occur upon the death of stars
  • Messier in her tag refers to objects of the same name,most notably the Andromeda Galaxy
  • Shimmy refers to the shaking and shuddering movement sometimes seen in belly dance
  • Abeer is Arabic for fragrant or fragrance of flowers
    • She is an Arabian Oryx, a type of desert antelope
    • Her ancestor's name is La Jasminum which means, the Jasmine.
    • The flowers themselves are known for their fragrance
  • Nebula is Egyptian themed while Anreda is more tribal oriented
    • Both reference a type of belly dance
    • Further tying Nebula with La Jasminum is the tale of Cleopatra sailing on ships with Jasmine scented sails
  • Andromeda is also known as the chained woman as Cassiopeia openly bragged that her daughter was more beautiful than the Nereids (Extremely Beautiful Sea Nymphs.) Andromeda was then bound to a rock to be sacrificed to Cetus.
    • Her aspect, her self described-bound duty to uphold the caste system, and the feeling of being trapped in her hive when the desert turns ugly all reference this in a way
  • Her original concept was to be a blue blood who was blinded via accident that got around via echolocation.
    • Her original tag was starlitProphet, and her original lusus was a massive luna moth named Lily
    • Her original sign was Saturn's sickle


  • Nebula, Anreda's Dancestor
  • The Mage of Blood
  • Nebula In Hero Mode
  • Never Cross This Mage
  • Tell Me This Didn't Happen
  • Anreda In Hero Mode
  • Anreda Doing the Weird Healing Thing
  • Anreda's Respiteblock
  • La Jasminum Rendered Symbollically
  • Such Grace....
  • That Would Be Abeer
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