Civilian clothes, with glasses

Become an enormous nerdEdit

You would probably resent that if it weren't so true. Your name is Ethan Johnsson. You have a special affinity for books, videogames, movies, and TV shows. You are also an aspiring musician, whose perferred instrument is the trombone, the BEST instrument EVER. You love the trombone so much, you equiped it as your Strife Specibus, becaues that is definitely the most sound decision ever.

Your friends all think you're a bit rediculous ( you're constantly making outlandish threats, like, I'M GOING TO

Ethan God Tier

God Tier, without glasses

CUT OFF YOUR NOSE WITH A FISH, that sort of thing) but that suits you fine. Some people take life a bit seriously, and while sometimes you can be one of those people, you still love cutting up and screwing around.

Examine RoomEdit

Your room is quite ordinary; a bed, a desk for your laptop, several bookshelves, and four walls covered in pop-culture and gaming references.

Examine relationships with session-matesEdit

Your friends wouldn't ever admit it, but you're the leader, or at least as close to a leader as your group's gonna get.

You and Lowell Connors are pretty tight, like, you are totes BFFs (that was completely ironic)

Russell Adams and you haven't been friends nearly as long as you and Lowell, but you two are still fairly close.

Ethan Johnsson


Thief of Rage


18 years (8 sweeps)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Impeccable grammar and spelling.


Hazardous Material

Fetch Modus


Strife Specibus


Sburb Session

Sburb Omicron (O)


Land of Grass and Fire

You and Cody Johnsson are brother. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

You've known Tyler Smith for a few years now, and you aren't the BEST of friends, but you still talk and laugh and joke n' shit, so, yeah.

Oh lord... Harrison LaVelle... Your parents were friends before you two were born, and you've spent a lot of time together over the years. He may be an idiot, but dammit, he's YOUR idiot.

Examine amazing powersEdit

As the Thief of Rage, you're pretty much the shit. You take other people's anger, friends and foes alike, and use it to make you stronger, faster, etc. This works out great for you, because you're always annoying and pissing off your friends anyway.

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