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my prEdEstInEd And "Only" pUrpOsE wAs tO sErvE hEr And thAT wAs It. bUt nOw thAt shE's gOnE... It's As If I'm fInAlly frEE And cAn dO whAt I plEAsE.


Dracom Alfroy (FLARP Name)


Thief of Rage


9 sweeps (19 human years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

capitalizes only vowels, and uses proper grammar and syntax otherwise


Draco Dragon

Strife Specibi



The Headcase (ancestor) (deceased)
Wyvurn Nocard (dancestor)
Austri Farsas (ex-moirail)
Allico Gillos (matesprit)
Lodove Planci (eventual caliginious crush) (abandoned, now really good friends)
Canopu Arkeel (kismesis)


Land of Dragons and Anarchy


Allico Gillos, Canopu Arkeel, classical music, dragons, piano, FLARPing (in free time)

Aconid Nocard, his trollian handle being trustworthyConfidant, is a male purple blooded troll. His associated sign is the Draco Dragon. He is the Thief of Rage and a Derse dreamer. He's an important character in the story The Last Hope. A rather mysterious and somewhat stoic lad, Aconid was originally a man full of many faults.

He's the former moirail to Austri Farsas, but is currently Allico Gillos's matesprit. He was originally associated with Austri Farsas, before he had a change in heart and actively went to Lodove Planci's side. He also becomes the kismesis to Canopu Arkeel, an olive blooded troll.

The first part of his handle, trustworthy, despite having been on the other side at the time this was created, is true in the fact that Aconid can and will hold a secret. And he will never let anyone know of your secrets. The second part, Confidant, further emphasizes the first part of his handle on that you can tell him anything and he will keep it a secret.

Until he eventually ditched Austri Farsas and spoiled all her secrets, which was another reason why she fatally stabbed Aconid.


Aconid's name is derived from the Draco constellation's genitive Draconis. Nocard is backwards from the Harry Potter character, Draco Malfroy. Coincidentally, Aconid's FLARP character is named "Dracom Alfroy."


Personality and TraitsEdit

Aconid is originally presented as an apathetic, stoic individual. For being a Rage player, he often does not let his anger dictate his emotions. He's excellent in keeping his anger in check, a spark contrast to his now ex-moirail Austri, who would be set off by the slightest misdemeanors. He often spoke in a casual, intellectual and serious tone, and he was always seen with his cane out. However, to say he doesn't have rage is an understatement. Once provoked seriously enough, Aconid can let his anger dictate his actions and emotions.

Aconid is also a very intelligent person and was considered the brain component between Austri Farsas and himself. He often spent nights alone reading and studying his numerous books about various subjects. Although, it is very plausible he was the smartest session player out of the twenty players. To go on with this, Aconid knew every single one of Austri's plans and never slipped up any secrets. Except Austri's, which led to him being stabbed fatally.

Despite his profound personality, Aconid does have interests and a fun-ish side to him. As a younger troll, he often FLARPed with numerous trolls and he continued to do so even when he was nine sweeps. Although, not as much, since Austri forbid him from playing such "petty and insignificant games." He also has a fascination for dragons, especially since his own lusus was a dragon. He cared heavily for his own lusus, which was a factor in his dragon fascination.





Strife SpecibusEdit

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Fatal RedemptionEdit


The HeadcaseEdit

The Headcase is the ancestor of Aconid Nocard and the post-scratch version of Wyvurn Nocard. The Headcase had the canekind specibius, which is the exact same cane that Aconid currently has. As said in his title, The Headcase was mentally unstable and was prone to violent rages. However, those were rare as The Headcase was a rather eccentric person and did not talk much to others. Mostly because he did not know how to talk to other people. It could also be because his pre-scratch self, Wyvurn Nocard, is a Prince of Rage and destroyed his own rage, therefore there is none or not as much rage for The Headcase.

Nobody knew what to do with The Headcase, and since he really was not a harm to others, everyone let The Headcase do his own thing. He was often in solitude and tended to his own business. However, he did make a friend in his solitude, and she was none other than The Imposter, Austri Farsas's ancestor. The two were eventually more than just friends and soon had entered the flushed quadrant. This parallels Aconid and Austri entering a quadrant, even though it was the pale one instead of the flushed one.



Wyvurn NocardEdit

Wyvurn Nocard is the Prince of Rage, the pre-scratch incarnation of The Headcase and Aconid Nocard's dancestor. Wyvurn is also the matesprit of Cheriz Gillos and the moirail of Teerio Talius. Unlike Aconid, Wyvurn does not wield a weapon specibus but utilizes the fistkind more frequently.



Austri FarsasEdit

Lodove PlanciEdit

Allico GillosEdit

Canopu ArkeelEdit

Other TrollsEdit



  • Aconid was originally supposed to stay a bad person and also stay dead, but that was all changed.

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