Qugtho Vortul
Output MCIcZt
i don't hold gRUdges; i bURy THe hatchet, if yoU know whAt i meAn.


Bard of Space


7 solar sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Capitalizes F, U, TH, A, R, And K. replaces 'ta' with 74, including when a word ending in "T" is before a word that starts with "A". For example, a7 4ll, no7 4lwAys, etc.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Land of War and Frogs


Ice, Blacksmithing, Battle


Wolves, Hostile sea dwellers

Your name is QUGTHO VORTUL. You have BLUE BLOOD. Unlike most of those with your blood color, you don't judge others based on their BLOOD COLOR. This is YET ANOTHER thing about you that people scratch their heads at.

You have a variety of interests, which include INVENTING, BLACKSMITHING, and MAKING THINGS EXPLODE OR CATCH FIRE. One of your favorite things is to CREATE THINGS. Well, to be fair, the things you create are actually just tools of destruction, but how else are you supposed to be ready for an Unexpected cA74clysm?

You live in the NORTHERNMOST PART OF ALTERNIA, and your hive is deep in the side of the TALLEST MOUNTAIN, next to a completely frozen sea. You can write fluently in ᚾᛟᚦᛖ . As a result of your blood color, you are FAIRLY STRONG, but more notable than that is your INCREDIBLE RESISTANCE. You lost your eye in a conflict involving a hostile seadweller and an attempted kidnapping.

Your trolltag is tungstenArmor and yoU do no7 4ccep7 4ny foRm oF deFeAt.

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