Sburb GA

The Sburb GA cover/poster

Turfbound is a Homestuck fanventure documenting the Sburb session of four humans: Kate Maxwell, Luke Haylow, Gwen Jacobs, and Trip Carson. In all it is an attempt to shed more light on the lore of the game, the individual quests of each player on their planet, and the different directions in which an Sburb session can go.

Session BasicsEdit

The session is begun by playing the Sburb GA (General Avalability release). There are four players; two prospit dreamers, and two derse dreamers. There are no other parties involved within the game except for the players and their guardians. 

Each player will prototype their sprite once prior to entering the medium, allowing the Skaian battlefield to fully evolve. Each player will then prototype their sprite a second time.

All four players will begin the game with a living dreamself. No shenanigans will occur prior to the game's start that will negatively or positively affect any player, save for whatever immediately occurs during their life on earth.

There is no knowledge as to whether the session will be successful or not.


Name Kingdom Title Planet Denizen
Kate Maxwell Prospit ??? ??? ???
Luke Haylow Derse  ??? ??? ???
Gwen Jacobs Derse ??? ??? ???
Trip Carson Prospit ??? ??? ???

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