Arista Symbol
Arista Baleta
Space Outline

Arista Baleta

Arista Baleta (Dream)

Arista Baleta (God Tier)

Arista Baleta (Grub)

i'm sure everything will be @lright!


Sylph of Space


7.38 sweeps (16 years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Replaces “a” with ”@” and speaks in all lowercase.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Aparit Odious & Ceylon Bismir - Auspistice
The Graceful - Ancestor
Jetena Baleta - Dancestor
"Swanmom" - Lusus/Sprite
Skyplaced Maneuverer - Exile


Land of Safeguards and Frogs


Dancing, Crappy Games


Your name is ARISTA BALETA.

The INTERESTS you take interest in are DANCING, and strangely, GAMES WITH INCREDIBLY CRAPPY CONTROLS AND GRAPHICS. You love dancing more, and so you wish to become a MASTER DANCER.

You adore your RIBBON, which you use to add to your dances. It can also be used as a WEAPON, and you like to CHOKE AND WHIP others with it. You are a very NERVOUS troll, and as a result are easily SPOOKED. You get picked on quite often for having LOW SELF-ESTEEM, but your 'friends' usually stand up for you. You get TRIGGERED easily, which causes you to mumble constantly and pace around the room.

Your trolltag is twirlingMishap and you spe@k in @ quiet voice.

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