Imetra Lunaan


Mess with the wolf annd you get the fanngs...


Heir of Night


Seven Sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

Doubles all N's and R's


Crescent Moon as in Astrology.

Strife Specibi

Bladekind Later Staffkind.


She can be considered Asexual, she does not care for the Quadrants. And she does not care if she's culled for it.

Lives in

An old submarine that has become encased in ice. (Northern Alternia.)




Being respected, sparring, Wolves, Anything wolves, fossils, being curious.


Being made fun of because of her 'fear'

Be the stubborn Jerk wolfaboo TrollEdit

Your name IMETRA LUNAAN, and you are a rather odd troll…especially for a seadweller. Ever since you where a tiny little grub a certain incident has left you TERRIFIED OF DEEP WATER. Because of this and constant ridicule from your troll kin you have become a STUBBORN JACKASS WHO TERRORIZES WHOEVER YOU CAN, and for the most part you have succeeded in keeping everyone else away from you because no one wishes to deal with your AGGRESSIVE and VENGEFUL AND UNCARING nature. You live in a rather secluded part of northern Alternia with your WOLF-SHARK LUSUS, and your hive is neat and organized despite the fact of having a dump load of ‘howlbeast’ collectibles due to your UNHEALTHY OBSESSION with them. However, you just spend your pathetic life BUGGING AND HARASSING whoever is unlucky enough to walk into your territory and touting around your royalty because it’s the ONLY THING in your life that gives you the slightest sense of accomplishment.. Your trolltag is tydalLycanthropy and You thinnk that therre is nnothinng wrronng with the way you talk.


Tumblr meddr7X0xR1rm27qoo2 250


A Purple/Eggplant blooded wolf-shark called Hatir.


~Imetra's name is based off Artemis, the moon goddess. Basically, Imetra is Artemis backwards, minus the S.

~Imetra Suffers from a rather odd phobia due to a rather unfortunate incident as a grub; she is terrified of deep water.

Artems lunaan and wolfmom by windaki-d5giezy

Wolfmom and Imetra

~ Imetra, despite her negative and uncaring attitude will not directly attack or insult anyone unless you insult her first. So mind your manners.

~ Imetra can be considered an Asexual, she refuses to accept the caste sistem and does not care if she is culled in the future because of it. (However she is capable of forming a life partner/companion relationship if one gets on her good side. Of course this is very slim and she must have known said person before hand for some time.)

~ Her left arm and hand are semi maimed from a past Flarp incident. They are suveerely burned and she can no longer feel anything with them due to nerve damage. Thy are always bandaged.

~ Believes herself to be some form of wolf jesus...hmm strange.

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