Serpia Ophici
Serpia's Symbol




Serpia-God Tier-Hood Up

Serpia-God Tier


as a future b~o~unty hunter, it is my duty t~o~ keep the peace


7 Sweeps (15.2 Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

No Capitalization. Places Tildes Before And After O's, And 0's. Uses >< In Place Of X's/x's.



Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus



Kraitmom- Lusus

The Huntress- Ancestor

The Countess- Inverted Self

Colubi Ophici- Dancestor

Hermis Shanty- Matesprit

Serene Natlus- Moirail

Lives in



The Land of Still and Tremors


The Troll Matrix, Troll Aquaman, Shady Tales Of Bounty Hunters, Old School Fighting Games, Gun Maintenance


Natural Disasters Of Any Kind, Injustices, Rusted Metal, Clowns, Slam Poetry

e><cellent enough!


Kraitmom (Sea Krait)


Hermis Shanty




Serene Natlus


The Huntress


Colubi Ophici

Session Info


Seer of Void


Land of Still and Tremors




Tier 1: Severed Lusus Head



Team Position:


Server Player:

Caleum Morgia

Client Player:

Serene Natlus


g~o~ ahead!

Hmm...maybe not all of these guys are douchebags?

Anyways, you are now SERPIA OPHICI, and quite frankly you are feeling rather cheery today as the GAME is going to go full circle! You only have been pestering your moirail for weeks as he progressed through coding the damn thing. You are a sweet and sassy girl with many interests, some of which may or may not be cheesier than a stroll through...oh nevermind. Stupid SIMILES annoy the shit out of you as does any POETRY, particularly SLAM POETRY. Where there are SLAM POETS, there are CLOWNS, and the last you checked, you DESPISED CLOWNS. They are what rust is to metal in your eyes; an EYESORE.

Speaking of eyesores and preferences, your interests include OLD SCHOOL FIGHTING GAMES (lovingly provided for you by your moirail), TROLL AQUAMAN for the ironic purpose of possibly being the CRAPPIEST super hero ever thought of, and GUN MAINTENANCE. You also have a taste in CHESSY ACTION FLICKS particularly the TROLL MATRIX. Now if only you could do the things they do, especially the martial arts. Unfortunately, you are quite CLUMSY and tend to become BORED easily. This has permeated your existence leading you to follow FLARP campaigns and MEDDLE whenever things need spicing up. Things have gotten tight before and you did have to save a poor sod from death by your sea dwelling kin once.

That was one hell of a time and it is one you often DOUBT YOURSELF OVER. You have no idea what truly moved you considering you were taught to look upon his kind with INDIFFERENCE since you were a WRIGGLER. Then again, KRAITMOM has always been quite CROTCHETY, something you've learned the hard way. It is a trait you can't help but show even though you KICK YOUR OWN ASS in private for being too soft. The IMPERIAL SHREDINQUISITORS of which you aspire to be are always COLD in demeanor. Why can't you be? This is a semi-daily circle that presents itself and turns VICIOUSLY. This has taken a toll on you meaning you are quite UNSTABLE. Your beloved ones have tried to assure you that this is fine, but you can't help but think they are LYING.

Nonetheless, you smile and carry on, often times to Trollslum.

Your trolltag is typhoonCorsair and y~o~u are e><tremely peppy...m~o~st ~o~f the time anyway.

What will you do next?


Voracious and harrowing yet kind to those that mean anything to her, Serpia is the literal embodiment of her tag. One minute she can be absolutely terrifying to be around, another minute she can be sweet and bubbly. Sometimes she can fall in between. One thing to remember though is that she is full of doubt over her actions and can snap at a moment's notice due to her insecurity. She is a highblood after all.


Living in the Jinshu region within the Light district, Serpia has lived around royalty for most of her life. Like many in her caste, she took up FLARPing and did so as the Huntress, a bounty hunter whose duty was to WRANGLE UP scalawags. At first, she thought of herself as the SUPREME PREDATOR of the ocean, but got a serious wake up call when she saved Hermis Shanty from death. He calmed her down quite a bit and nowadays she can be seen guarding his ship from the water's edge.


To be added.


The Huntress- Serpia's ancestor, she was once a hunter of the ocean blue in search of scalawags, much like her descendant's FLARP self. However, she ended up getting killed in a battle. Her death ultimately led to the death of Commodore Darkscar.

The Duchess- Serpia's ancestral self to Colubi, she was a higher strung noblewoman with a taste for martial arts. She taught many her ways and earned herself the affection of one of the dockworkers from outside her hive, the Wharf Rat.

Colubi Ophici- Serpia's dancestor, Colubi is an MMA aficionado and teaches Serpia the basics in exchange for lessons in courtship and marksmanship.

Hermis Shanty- Serpia's cherished matesprit, Hermis was saved from certain death by Serpia after a FLARP session turned awry by ravenous highbloods. The two met on a beach and after brief confrontation fell in love and embraced life in the flushed quadrant.

Serene Natlus- Serpia's protective moirail, Serene guards her interests with his superior position as heir and she keeps him from giving up all hope and making his life null and void.

Trivia and EtymologyEdit

  • Ophici comes from Ophiuchus, the constellation for the snake bearer.
    • Colubi comes from Laticauda Colubrinus, also known as the sea krait, or in other terms, their lusus.
    • Laticaudus was the second half of her original trolltag with tungsten being the first. She used to be a mutant-red blooded sea dweller with the sign for mercury. In other words, she was pretty bad. She eventually traded places with Laceta who went on to become lime blooded.
  • Typhoon in her tag comes from the name of hurricanes in the Indian or pacific oceans to the west. She hates these badly.
    • Corsair refers to her and her matepsrit's FLARP campaigns.
      • Their ancestors were the same in a way, except the Huntress was killed and Commodore Darkscar was hung by H.I.M.. Serene has warned Hermis about dancing off the wrong end of the rope should any harm come to Serpia by his hand.
  • She was inspired a lot by Laura Croft in the Tomb Raider series.
  • Her and Seduma do get along quite well and it doesn't help that they are both snake themed. The same goes for her and Narsci over a mutual interest of shooting and guns.
  • Colubi and her are switched in a way. She is good with guns but terrible with martial arts and emotions. On the other hand, Colubi is a shitt marksman, is seen as too cold by most, an is quite excellent with martial arts.


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