A troll stands in his respiteblock awaiting his name, what shall be this troll's name? "Assfart Killer" TRY AGAIN SMARTASS!

Tyrian Nester


Thief of Rage


9 sweeps (About 19.5 earth years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Capitalizes R’s A’s and W’s (RAWR) replaces i's with 1 and t's with 7, otherwise lowercase. Perfect grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Very rarely uses capitalization when yelling and/or excited. May censor curse words, stops altogether when mad/frustrated.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Digsite (undig the "skeleton" of an object)


Alron - Lusus (Dinosaur-esque creature)


Land of Bones and Predators

"Tyrian Nester" ✓


Your name is TYRIAN NESTER.

You absolutely love f*king PALEONTOLOGY and have spent countless petigrees digging up BONES OF ANCIENT ALTERNIAN ANIMALS. You're known for being able to control the WEAK-MINDED LOWBLOODS, but you do not like to, as that is rude and mean. You also have a passion for collecting RAPTORBUDS (equivalent of Scalemates) and think they're the best toy in existence. You also have a passion for READING especially SH*TTY ADVENTURE NOVELS. You also enjoy ROLEPLAYING both RECREATIONAL and FLARPING. Although you've retired from FLARPING on account of a HORRIBLE ACCIDENT.

Your trolltag is tyrannoSarcophagous and you tend to speAk in A We1Rd gRoWl1ng nA7uRe 7hA7 no one cAn eveR heAR foR sh*7.

Biography Edit

Tyrian is a male troll living on Alternia who is 9 sweeps of age (About 19 earth years). He lives in the hive suburbs the equivalent of a human neighborhood. His lusus is reminiscent of an Allosaurus and is fiercely protective over his hive territory.

He is a powerful mind controller, able to control nearly every troll he's ever met but chooses not to as that is rude. He's an avid FLARPer and has quite the reputation, that is until the terrible accident that made him retire. The accident resulted in him becoming blind in one eye and

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