Fonnie Alavto



"Yoouu shoouuld knoow by noow thaat iit iis noot aa gooood iideeaa too uupseet mee"


Fonnie Alavato



Fetch Modus

Novel Modus

Strife Specibus

Playing Card kind

Blood Colour

Candy Pink / FF0088


Land of ink and seas

Typing quirks

Doubles every vowel. Censors words with a + at the end. She uses short forms for words a lot. Doubles her commas

Fonnie Alavto, or as known by her Trollian handle, unappreciatedHarpy, is one of the trolls. Her eye makeup, lipstick and highlight all match her blood colour. Her favourite colour is pink, and that's why her whole Hive is painted a bright pink.

Her first name, Fonnie, comes from fo̱ní̱en, the greek word for Vowel Her last name, Alavato, comes from alfávi̱to, the greek word for Alphabet In her screen name, unappreciated comes from the fact that she feels, well, unaappreciated. Harpy comes from the creature her Lusus is.


Fonnie is a very intelligent, easily upset (both sad and anger), and sassy troll. She's constantly correcting others and Karkat has compared her to Kankri many times.

Despite her initial behaviour, once you get to know her and she warms up to you, she becomes friendlier and more open around you.

She has snapped a few time, it usually results with the person who caused it to be injured quite badly, she most comonly gets into arguments with Gamzee since she has contrary beliefs to him.


She is on good terms with most of the trolls, though she isn't overly fond of most of them. As a matter of fact, one of her strongest relationships is actually with John Egbert, though she sees him more as a sibling than anything.

She is currently trying to build up courage to ask her crush, Karkat , to be her matesprite.


Fonnie's lusus is a large harpy named Betra. Betra has no identified gender, so Fonnie just calls Betra an it. It has a very high pitched cry that it lets out in order to communicate.

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