Be unawareHangman Edit

you are now ZAIGYS ADONAH.
Zaigys Adonah

areee ɣou goiȵg ȶo beee meeeaȵ ȴikeee ȶheee oȶheeers?

you are a SEADWELLER and because of the fact that you are BLIND, you have resorted to SCREECHING as loud as possible while under water to find your way (you are also sure that you heard someone refer to it as ECHOLOCATION). unfortunately as of late, you have become LOST, and no longer know where you are. because of this, you travel around alternia, looking to find your hive. you managed to convert your husktop into something that you can use on the move, and works underwater.





he triples his e's, a result of his echolocation, and includes many nooses in his speech

Blood Color:


Strife Specibus:

Chainkind / GlassShardkind


a circle with a single line coming from the top. in short, a noose


Eight Alternian Solar Sweeps (roughly 16 years old in Earth years)


Vein. his items are stored inside the viens inside his wrists, he slices them to release them. all items stored in the slit wrist are released at the same time.

you are known to your few friends as extremely INTROVERTED, as well as having some issues with DEPRESSION, and due to your BLINDNESS, which you were hatched with, you have ATTEMPTED to kill yourself on SEVERAL occasions. lately however you have changed your reasons for offing yourself, as you recieved a vision of your impending DOOM, which looks very painful. on more than one occasion, your other seadwelling friends have accused you of being a COWARD who refuses to deal with his problems, and they are probably right, as you are now attempting to dodge your impending DOOM.

your trolltag is unawareHangman and ɣour screeeeeechiȵg, aȴoȵgsideee seeeveeeraȴ ȵooseees, ȶeeeȵds ȶo makeee iȶs waɣ iȵȶo ɣour usuaȴ diaȴeeecȶ

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