Be the adorably murderous zealotEdit

Your name is GANMED LOMUST, and you are an ACOLYTE of the MIRTHFUL MESSIAHS. You are surprisingly CHEERFUL for a devout member of a faith which focuses so heavily on DEATH. Sure, you have KILLED A NUMBER OF PEOPLE, but it’s not like it was PERSONAL, and you ALWAYS remember to do the LAST RITES for them, even if they are UNGRATEFUL about it. Your beloved LUSUS, a SEAGOAT whom you dubbed SNOWBALL, was always happy to DISPOSE of any parts of them you did not eat yourself. You are very CUTE for a subjugglator, and you DO NOT KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE that 1) the GRAND HIGHBLOOD is too DISTRACTED to NOTICE you, and 2) you are COMPETENT enough for him to want you ALIVE. You often FAIL TO NOTICE a lot of things yourself. It occurred to you that the HORN SHAPE of that guy you talked to during the hunt for the SUFFERISTS infiltrating the ship was ODDLY FAMILIAR, but you can’t place WHY, and you haven’t seen him since. You decided to KEEP QUIET about that.

Your trolltag is uncannyBearer and your DIalOGUE is ODDly JERky LIKE the TOLLing OF church BELLS. YOU alSO love SKULLS: >(8E


Ganmed Lomust is a minor character in the fic Hivefled.

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