Gauche Agrit
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Gauche Agrit


Teal blooded landweller (#006464)

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Introduction Edit

Your name is GAUCHE AGRIT.

You are an incredibly lazy troll with an unhealthy obsession with ROBOTS THAT TRANSFORM INTO CARS. You enjoy playing with the toys even though you are clearly TOO OLD to do that sort of thing and you enjoy everything related to the franchise whether or not it was total crap. Occasionally you will engage in a LENGTHY ROLEPLAYING SESSION or just SIT AND IMAGINE you have somehow been immersed in their world.

You are a WHIZ AT YOYOs, and have a large collection of them, only a few of which you keep in your room. You like to impress your few friends with SICK TRICKS that may or may not actually be very impressive.

You also have a secret love for WESTERNS. Why is this a secret? That is a RIDICULOUS QUESTION that you won't even dignify with an answer.

You sometimes like to chat with friends over TROLLSLUM. Your trolltag is undecidedDelinquent and you TEND TO SPEAK VERY LOUDLY AND LEAVE YOUR SENTENCES HANGING

It is with two of these friends that you have recently set up a GAME SESSION with, and that's sort of the only reason you are here now.

Personality Edit

Gauche is seriously lazy. Like, SERIOUSLY. No joke. SO lazy. He usually just sits in his little beanbag all day mashing his keyboard. WHICH HE DOES when he gets frustrated or swears or something. So there's a lot of random letters around his boards or chums or whatever.

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UndecidedDelinquent is in a group with spectralEngineer, viralAcronyx, mutineerCrusader, and subzeroBaroness. ...And that's sort of it. Nothing else has really been established. WHOOPS

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