[N]o dude I need these boots

[C]ome on man that shit's +5 armor rating


Magxit Atakax

Screen Name:


Blood Caste:

Green (#669900)

Typing Style:

Encloses capital letters in square brackets, never uses full stops, otherwise perfect syntax.



Strife Specibi:

battleaxeKind (Likes to carry current weapon on back.)

Fetch Modus:

Warioware: Play a 5 second microgame related to the item on the card to get it out.

SGRUB Session
Magxit godtier


Viscount of Thought


Land of Chalcedony and Lavender


First tier: Dead lusus.
Second tier: Trusty old suit of carapaceous hoofbeast armor.

>Enter name.Edit

Your name is MAGXIT ATAKAX.

You live in a community of HIVES deep underground, below the OCEAN FLOOR, connected with a series of tunnels.

You rather enjoy hunting GIANT MEGABEASTS with your TRUSTY BATTLEAXE. Recently, you and three friends have teamed up to form a MEGABEAST HUNTING SQUAD. Together, you take on monsters ranging from the once mythical CAVE-DWELLING DRAGONYY'YDS to the dreaded SIX STORY TALL 20-LEGGED SPIDERFIENDS and create new WEAPONRY and EQUIPMENT from their HIDES and OTHER PARTS. Your lusus of course doesn't like the idea of you risking your life, but he's such a lazy ass that he doesn't try to stop you. When not hunting, you like to mess around in the field of TECHNOLOGY. Your dream is to one day create the perfect ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, for the benefit of nobody but you. You also have a great passion for ONLINE ROLE-PLAYING VIDEO GAMES, which you play a lot with your hunting comrades.

Your trolltag is unlearnedFamiliar and your speech has a commanding tone [Y]ou like being in charge

>Show team.Edit

Vaenia Aderxe (benignIntegrator)

??? (???)

??? (???)

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