Attillia Typhonik
Like hell I'm coming, if only to talk Him the fuck out of It!"




Capitalizes the first Letter of every Noun and doesn't type Periods Curses quite a fucking Lot


A glowing spiral.

Fetch Modus:

Target Modus.

Strife Specibus:





Explosive Temper (actual title Rust Servant)


A large sea serpent.

SGRUB Session


Page of Void


Land of Turrets and Turtles (LOTAT, or how he would pronounce it, LOTNT)




Peerless Nomad/Privileged Noble


Sea Serpent lusus, chopped off wing

Server player:

Winteria Tralrast (subtleArithmetic)

Client player:

Primrose Areglia (negativeOptimist)

Be the grumpy seadweller. Edit

Your name is ATTILLIA TYPHONIK. You love EXPLOSIONS. Unfortunately, you were born a SEADWELLER so it is nigh-impossible to observe one from the safety of you hive. Your LUSUS WAS KILLED in a freak accident several sweeps ago. Since then, your SANITY HAS BEEN SLIPPING. You have displayed an OVERWHELMING DESIRE TO DESTROY BOATS. You have nothing against landdwellers, but you think they should STAY THE HECK OUT OF YOUR OCEAN. Your trolltag is unstableEnforcement, and You enunciate your Nouns very clearly and don't type Periods

Examine room. Edit

Your room is actually pretty neat. You are not entirely committed to keeping it this way. All the walls are painted in your blood color. Not that you care about the caste system, you just like the color. You keep one room reserved as a shrine for your lusus. You go there and pray for him every day.

Set Fetch Modus Edit

Your sylladex is set to the rather exciting Target Modus. The item will appear as a target somewhere in your vincinity, and you must shoot the target to withdraw the item.

Allocate Strife Specibus. Edit

Your specibus is allocated to EXPLOSIVESKIND. You wield a large ensemble of explosives, and it is with these that you do most of your ship-destroying.

Do something awesome. Edit

Everything you do is awesome.

Do something ridiculous. Edit

You... you're not sure if you remember how.

Examine self. Edit

Your hair is quite long, falling in around your neck. You cannot stand the fact that your vision is horrible. Unfortunately, you have to wear quite thick glasses at all times. Your shirt bears a spiral with several lines around it, which you think is a pretty cool design. Your horns tilt down to your neck. You are able to shoot high-pressure jets of water from the tips, but you dont really get what purpose they serve. You have incorporated this into your Fetch Modus, but other than that they seem kind of pointless.

Examine abilities. Edit


You are a seadweller birdtroll, which is absurdly contradictory, but allows you to be completely all-terrain. Your horns also shoot high-pressure jets of water.


God you wish. No dice, though.

Examine ChumpRoll. Edit

Most of Them are Idiots

invisibleTerrarium Weirdo

exiledTomato Weird, but not as weird as Camean

negativeOptimist Completely freaking insane

triumphantMechanism I have a grudging Respect for Him, but Nothing more

subtleArithmetic <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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