Sevvia Zherru- Beforan limeblood


Your name is Sevvia Zherru, and you're one of the last surviving limebloods on Beforus. At least, as far as you know. As a limeblood, you don't have a lusus- so instead, you've spent your life being culled by highbloods. Today is your wriggling day- and also the one sweep anniversary of you coming to live with your most recent culler- the Heiress to the throne. Today, she's coming back from a long trip- and she says she's bringing a fun game for you to play.

You love games- all sorts of them, but especially action games. You like to think that one day you'll become an adventurer, and travel all of Beforus by yourself. You even have a nice backstory already, what with your blood. You like to rp as this 'future self' of yours. You call her the Survivor. In fact, you spend almost all of your time roleplaying as her. Sometimes, pretending fake stuff is real is better than facing reality.

Your trollhandle is unusualColoration and ,l' The Survivor speaks entirely in third person, and occasionally uses a water pun- it's all the Heiress's fault. ,l'

Social/ SGRUB GameplayEdit

Sevvia plays a session with 21 other trolls, but her actual social circle is very small. She personally knows less than a handful of people, but she also casually talks to trolls on her favorite forums in hopes of making new friends. Sevvia has no quadrants filled, but 'The Surviver' is has a matesprit.

In game, Sevvia is the Mage of Light, in the Land of Maze and Mirrors. She's a Derse dreamer, and has fun practicing hunting with her spearkind specibus on Dersites.

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