Ralion Lerrab

Ralion cool

Ralion pre accident

Ralion post accident

Ralion dream

Ralion dead

Ralion god tier

c={==> That plan is incredibly stupid and I am not helping you with it.


Ral, Rali, Eyepatch Dude


Prince of Light


7.4 Sweeps (16.03 Years)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Prefixes every sentence with a sword. c={==>

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Unscramble: You have to unscramble the word to get the item.


Sergeant Enlister (Ancestor)
Darbus Lerrab (Dancestor, deceased)
Unnamed troll that took his eye. (deceased)
Sealizard Dad (Lusus)


The Land of Light and Waves


Plain clothing, swords, sword fighting, occasionally reading


Flashing off his wealth, the one dead guy that took his eye, clowns


Violet Prince (of Light) (Placeholder)

Be the guy with the eyepatch. Edit

You are now the guy with the eyepatch.

Your name is RALION LERRAB and your are 7.4 sweeps old. You are a member of SEA DWELLER ROYALTY, even though you are not an important one. You are MISSING your right eye, and even though you think it's STUPID, you think it makes you look like a pirate.

You were disfigured because you STUPIDLY got into a FIGHT. Wow, way to go.

ANYWAY, you ended up KILLING your opponent.

Before your AFOREMENTIONED ACCIDENT, you used to go out on FLARPING for FUN. It was fun while it lasted, but you have taken up different hobbies to replace it. You seem to DISLIKE flashing off all your WEALTH, so you dress QUITE PLAIN, even though it is UNUSUAL for a SEADWELLER such as yourself to do that.

Your current interests are SWORD FIGHTING, EXPLORING, and occasionally READING. When your are sword fighting, you ALMOST ALWAYS win, except for that one time. When you are out EXPLORING and you come across someone or something that you deem completely stupid and insignificant, well, let's just say that it WON'T END WELL FOR THEM. Whenever your are reading, occasionally an idea will pop into your head that you will be too LAZY to write or draw out. Eh, what can you say? That stuff's tough.

As being a seadweller, you have a SEDWELLING LUSUS, he is your Sealizard Dad, and he is one GIANT FUCKING LIZARD. He does stay close to your hive at times, but he is also sometimes out hunting and such. With him being such a huge lizard, he needs to eat lots of food. Your lusus is VERY supportive of you and how you deal with the COMPLETE WIMPS AND IDIOTS you come by.

Your trolltag is vigilantRenegade and c={==> You always have your sword ready.

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