Cyanin Nyscer

Kanaya Maryam


You're wasting my Time.


Maid of Void


7.4 sweeps

Screen Name


Typing Style

She types practically Normally, except she Capitalizes the first Letter of every Third word.

Strife Specibi

Dartkind, fistkind

Fetch Modus



Ottermom - Lusus
The Vinttner - Ancestor
Ingett Nyscer - Dancestor
Kairos Ayidah - Kismesis


Land of Music and Vacancy

Your name is CYANIN NYSCER, also known by your handle vigorousDrip, and you are a TROLL with PURPLE BLOOD. You make it ABUNDANTLY OBVIOUS that you are amongst the highest landwelling bloodcaste by WEARING LOTS OF PURPLE. You tend to LOSE TRACK OF TIME by spending hours playing POINTLESS GAMES, such as HOPSCOTCH and SKIPPING, when something important has to be done. You are somewhat of a mechanic, but EVERYTHING YOU BUILD DOESN'T REALLY HAVE A SIGNIFICANT MEANING TO IT. You are also SOMEWHAT OF A CONTORTIONIST.  


Cyanin is a bit childish. She tends to block out things that she doesn't want to hear, and denies them. She is also very nosy, although she doesn't really realize it. She thinks that everything is important in some way, and can't stand it when people keep secrets, no matter how microscopic they might be. When she sets her mind to something, nothing gets in her way to achieve her goal. She also resorts to violence very quickly, due to her short fuse. While angry, she can be a serious threat, since she's very sneaky and could kill you before you even realize what is happening. She also enjoys taunting people.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name, Cyanin, is derived from hemocyanin, since she has a short fuse and is quick to turn to violence
  • Nyscer is recsyn backwards, which is a video about synethesia 

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